October 20, 2021

Frank Johnson

Founding Member of the Liberty First Foundation.
Writer, Speaker, Instructor.

Born into a Second Amendment Family in Brooklyn New York, Frank has been an active shooter, competitor, and advocate for the majority of his life.  The son of a NY Police officer and US Marine, he learned very early the proper respect for and use of all things firearm.  Frank is a Certified Firearms Instructor, and avid collector, spending as much of his time at one of the many ranges he is a member of, instructing others in many aspects of gun handling, improving proficiency, dedicated maintenance, and most importantly, safety.

Having an extensive professional background in law enforcement, personal security and home defense, Frank combined all of his experience and passion for the Second Amendment, and represents them as a trainer, writer, and consultant, while also serving as a speaker and advocate for the Second Amendment. His advocacy for the Second Amendment is one of the driving forces in his life, and as a Founding Member of the Liberty First Foundation, his passion can be shared with a wide swath of the population, educating and informing them, not only about what the Second Amendment means to each individual, but how it plays a vital role in the preservation of a free people.

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