October 27, 2021


Below is a list of individuals, organizations and businesses that are sponsors of the Liberty First Foundation.  We would like to thank all that sponsor our cause and urge that our followers and readers return the favor and visit their pages.

Ironclad Defense is a startup business specializing in AR platform parts and accessories.  They have generously offered to our members a generous discount just mention that you heard about them through the Liberty First Foundation.  See our Specials page for some exclusive deals from Ironclad Defense.  Make sure that you visit their site often because they have an innovative new product slated to hit the market soon.


JLowe’s Guns is about you the customer. The Motto here is “You want it? We can get it.” While we know this cannot be true in every single case, we will strive to make it so to the best of our ability. Whether it is driving hours to deliver a part or selling below cost to beat a competitor’s price, we are here for you.

The owner is retired from Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) where he worked under the Firepower Directorate for the Small Arms Test Division as a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

His vision has been to open a store for people who KNOW guns. While the average Joe is welcome, the focus will be on providing products and a knowledge base for those who already have the basics “down pat” and are ready to move on to the next level.  JLowe’s Guns is offering exclusive discounts to members of the Liberty First Foundation just let them know we sent you.

Southern Tier Outpost.  Your one stop supplier for the weekend adventurer, the dedicated survivalist, or for people who just want to smell nice.  From First Aid supplies and nutritional needs, Ammunition to Hand-Made Lotions and Soaps, we have a little something for the Weekend Warrior to the Master Prepper. Our Founder, Greg Witmarsh, a Military Veteran is also holds numerous certifications including First Aid, Firearms Instruction, Self Defense, and Survival Techniques. Many of those credentials are put to good use as Greg also hosts classes and teaches many of the skills he has mastered over his illustrious career.  So whether you are visiting in person, or through the website, we welcome and appreciate your patronage.

Tactical Measure is a family of shooting and gun enthusiasts based in Lampasas, Texas who believe in the tradition of our founding fathers. In keeping with the Second Amendment, we exercise our right to defend ourselves and our families. Through the years we have purchased several holsters, from different sources, but none fully met our expectations. They were either too bulky, not comfortable or concealable or, in some instances, scratched our firearm. This drove us to take seriously the adage: If you want a job done well, do it yourself!

Now, that same family has become the holster manufacturer. Tactical Measure creates the holsters that we, and you, have been searching for by striving to make the most comfortable concealed carry holsters. Our concealed carry accessories are made with the same aim. The holsters are comfortable, their minimal design allows for easy concealment and the mounting hardware does not scratch or damage the firearm. We handcraft each holster that we make; therefore, no two holsters are identical. Each holster is, in essence, custom made to your specifications.

Our commitment to quality is not a slogan to political correctness. By the very nature of what we make, We Are Not Politically Correct. We make a reasonably priced holster that is easy to wear; protecting yourself and your family, at all times and at any event…  including Sunday Church.

Ashlar ArmsAshlar Arms LLC is a veteran owned and operated firearms manufacturer and gunsmithing business located in Durham, Maine. We specialize in firearms manufacturing and firearms repair. We have over 15 years of experience gunsmithing, and our knowledge spans many sectors of the market. From competitive long range rifle and IPSC/USPSA/IDPA handgun shooting, to hunting, reloading, and repairs, our extensive knowledge and safe practices are evident in the way we do business. Total customer satisfaction is our goal and we enjoy having a personal relationship with our customer base.

Ashlar ArmsLangley Custom Cerakote specializes in custom firearm coating to make your piece truly one of a kind. Protect your firearm with a unique look and something completely your own. Liberty First Foundation Members qualify for a 5% discount on all cerakote with Code L1F5.




Constitutional Patriots is a social media platform where people can post without fear of reprisals or getting banned.  The First Amendment is alive and well here and everyone is encouraged to voice their opinions.

Armed and SafeArmed & Safe is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to firearm education and safety.  Our Board of Directors consists of members of the firearm community that are committed to improving the knowledge, skills, and abilities of firearm owners nationwide.
To this end, we offer a variety of classes, seminars, and workshops to foster safe and responsible firearm ownership.
Visit us at ARMEDandSAFE.US

Bare ArmsBare Arms specializes in the sale of build kits for unfinished firearms.  We offer an ever-growing variety of products at the best prices, provided by superior customer service.
Bare Arms is a veteran owned and operated company in North Carolina.  Our products and services can be found on out website, BareArms.com

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