October 20, 2021

ReopenOregon Rally

Reopen Oregon
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We are calling YOU to peacefully gather at the capitol and raise your voices as one and call for Governor Brown to remove all unconstitutional restrictions on the citizens and businesses of Oregon and restore our freedom NOW!

While we understand this virus is real and does pose a risk to certain vulnerable populations, the response from Governor Brown is having disastrous and crippling effects throughout our state. Additionally, these orders are threatening the very freedom and liberties our Founding Fathers guaranteed us in the Constitution, that is further guaranteed in our Oregon Constitution, and that so many have sacrificed and died to protect.

Governor Brown has unconstitutionally restricted our freedom of assembly, infringed upon our right to freely worship, and closed access to public lands. She has deemed certain businesses "essential" while refusing to allow other businesses to remain open even if they are able to implement policies or methods of operation that are able to reduce the risk of spreading this virus. She has unilaterally issued orders that ignore the diversity of our state and denied localities the ability to do what is best for their citizens in their town, city, and county. For these reasons and more, let us gather as one people, not divided by political party or affiliation but as Oregonians and Americans to voice our grievances!

For those who are high risk or who interact with these who are high risk, we strongly encourage them to heed the CDC guidelines and take the appropriate measures to protect themselves and those who are vulnerable.

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