March 5, 2021

Gun Review

KelTec CP33 – A Weird Looking / Cool Pistol that Carries 33 Rounds

When I visited the KelTec showroom during Shot Show 2019, I witnessed the weirdest looking pistol I have seen in a long time. It was called the KelTec CP33. I quickly became impressed as I read its brochure. I learned that the CP stands for “Competition Pistol” and the 33 means that it has magazines that carry 33 rounds. Immediately I thought to myself, “this is a liberal politician’s nightmare.” For that fact alone, I loved it. The more I held the pistol, asked questions and learned about its features, I knew I had to have a KelTec CP33.

Glock 43X – Upgraded Glock 43 or Innovative Flop?

The popularity of the lightweight sub-compact handgun has increased significantly over the years. As people train for and apply for their concealed carry permits throughout the country, they often ask, what handgun would suit my needs for reliable shooting and comfortable carrying. The production and demand of single single-stack 9mm handguns has  increased big time by many major firearm manufacturers.

CZ P-10S – The NEW Release Sub-Compact Pistol Shooters Have Waited For

 CZ brilliantly waived a carrot in front of gun enthusiast’s eyes by posting pictures of two new P-10 models. The CZ P-10F is a full-size handgun that hosts 19 rounds of 9mm. Then there is the  CZ P-10S which is a sub-compact pistol that had people’s heads spinning with excitement. Let us focus on the CZ P-10S for this review.

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