May 9, 2021


Gun Banners Seek to Amend Florida Constitution in 2020

“I am personally taking this as a serious threat to our liberty,” said David Macfarlane, a U.S. Marine trained in marksmanship and security. “This is not just the right to keep and bear arms, it is a threat to every liberty.” Do not be tricked, he said organizers promoting the amendment proposals do not want to keep us safe, they want to confiscate our guns.

Understanding Predator Psychopaths

The word “psychopath” can be first found in the mid 19th Century. It is derived from the Greek language in the words “psyche” and “pathos”, which mean “sick mind” or “suffering soul.” If you ask, “what is a psychopath” you will probably hear answer along these lines. They are loners. They have no souls. They have no empathy for people. They prey on the weak. They don’t mix well with others. Yet, many psychopaths live intertwined within our lives. A psychopath can be a close friend, boss, or even a spouse. Psychopaths are people whose only goal is to take advantage of others; they have no empathy, remorse, or feelings for their victims.

2018 Midterm Election Results and Projections

“The midterms marked another milestone on America’s comeback trail,” said Carl Gottstein, life member and Assistant Manager at New York State Rifle and Pistol Association. “By increasing the GOP hold on the US Senate while democrats were grasping for the lower house, the movement has won another important victory: locking in Trump’s ability to seat judges and protecting him from impeachment.”

Militia Understanding: The journey continues

Still one could make the argument that it was a different time back then, that things are more established and we have “official” government roles created which have made the need for a militia obsolete. But I really wonder, what actually happened to the idea of the militia? If in the late 1700s, every man was the militia, every man held the honor and responsibility that came from being the nation’s defenders. why didn’t that concept stand the test of time? What happened as our country moved from a frontier country to the forefront of civilization? If every man was the militia, why isn’t that still true for you or I?

Sheepdogs-Protection from the Wolves

We live in a country with declining morals, sadly, and multiple issues with mental health, domestic violence, and a general angst (which is derived from the word anxiety). I work in Portland Oregon and I can tell you I do not allow my family to do any business there. It breaks my heart because it (used to be) a great city. Many of the bad actors you see around the country only need one excuse in their mind and you have a breaking news story at your place of worship. This can include a disgruntled member, a spouse who just got served papers (more on that in a bit), or any other person who is not thinking rationally and without a moral compass. So what can be done … one word: SHEEPDOG.

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