October 27, 2021

The Free Speech Debate

Can you truly handle Free Speech, or do you just complain about it.

Over the last year or so, there has been an all out assault on free speech. It is as if “Political Correctness” has not only become the most powerful virtue, but a full blown religion unto itself.  Gone are the days when a civil debate could be waged between opposition parties, or that simple differing ideas could be espoused by family or friends.

There was a time when someone MIGHT be afraid to speak their mind because they felt as if their ideas would be cause of argument, scorn, or even the loss of gainful employment….but they were just fears.  Most people were still willing to offer up an opinion on just about every subject, always knowing that for the most part, people would be civil.  Well, those days are long gone.

Today, the “Cancel Culture” seems to be running the show, ands if you should happen to say anything that they can find some objection to, well, there isn’t even a debate…you are told to shut up, sit down, keep quiet, and conform…OR ELSE.

If you should disobey their wishes, you are black listed, shunned, expelled, fired, and in some cases, JAILED for having your own point of view.

Some have decided to fight back and put roadblocks on this Cancel Culture highway, and they too have suffered from the Science of Silence.  Parler, MeWe, and a host of other start-up Social Media Platforms have found themselves on the receiving end of the censorship pitchfork, having they themselves being shut down due to being dependent on the Big Tech Servers.

Yup…you can have your precious “Free Speech”, but not on our servers…not under OUR Community Standards.

From Fact-Checkers, to False Information labels showing up on even the most mundane of posts, Social Media has become so Orwellian that even many of those who enjoy the PC culture are finding they they too are not radically fascist enough for the Thought police.

But there is something inherently beautiful and magical about Freedom…It ALWAYS finds a way.

Though it has taken some time, and a great many resources, there is an avenue, an “exit ramp” out of Zuckville… It’s called the Freedom Forum Website.

The Freedom Forum Website is not only 100% Censorship Free, it is housed on a Private Server that is not influenced, or controlled by the forces of Silence and Censorship.

The Freedom Forum is much like any other Social Media Platform, however there are a few stark differences.  First, its the whole Freedom Thing.  You can post whatever you feel, (so long as it isn’t overtly pornographic or endangering the welfare of a minor) and at no time will you find yourself in “jail” or suspended.  There are no “Community Standards” or Site Compliance officers.  It is not the Platform that builds a community…it’s the members that build a community, and the Freedom Forum believes that it is the COMMUNITY that should set the standard and police itself.

If you don’t like something….You can Block it…or Ignore it….you just can’t force anyone NOT to say it.

Another couple differences are the downloads.  The Freedom Forum has a substantial Music and Game Library where you can find a wide array of entertainment choices to download.

Another thing that the Freedom Forum does that NOBODY else does…They PAY YOU to post. Yup, the Freedom Forum is so convinced that they have the winning formula for the future of Social Media that they want to let EVRERYONE benefit from it.  The more you post, reply, share, interact, create groups and so on…the more E-Credits you collect for the aforementioned downloads.  By becoming a more frequent member of the community, you can amass credits that can also be used for Advertising a business page, group page, or anything else.

The Freedom Forum Website aims to provide people with the Social Media Experience that we all came to expect, but never really got.  Now, you can join the freedom Forum Website with a few simple clicks.  And since they do not “track” you like FB does, they aren’t interested in your private data.

Now it you are one of those people that complain about the censorship, suspended accounts, terminated or locked features and you do NOTHING about it…well, I’m afraid this site might not be for you.  If you can change your circumstances, but don’t, then perhaps freedom is too heavy a burden for you, and if that is the case, then Lord Zuckerberg sends his appreciation.

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