October 20, 2021

Race Relations with Marcus Monroe

Equality will never be experienced in the United States unless we first come together in our communities. Only through united communities can rebuild a united Republic. A united Republic will result in the citizens of that Republic being equal. Marcus Monroe and Michael Marshall discuss what is needed to bring together the Black Community and how Black and White Americans can quit seeing the divide and start to see each other as Americans. Enshrining the principle that ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUAL.

Interview Marcus Monroe

Stopping RacismWith the events that are happening across the Nation, I thought it would be prudent to gain some perspective on the issues that are being raised. There is a question about the state of race relations in the United States. Being a white male it is hard for me to have the perspective of a person of color. I wanted to change this and to get a pers[active from someone that knows what it is like to be Black in America.

Marcus Monroe and I had a great conversation about this and started a conversation about what each of us can do to start changing the issues that many Black Americans face. Marcus brought up a great point that there are many different experiences in America and the outcry today is to create the American Experience, not a Black American Experience or a Latino American Experience or any other type of American Experience but to create THE American Experience.

Many forces are working to divide this Nation. One of the points of division is on the issue of race. We have to look beyond race and see each other as an American, a citizen of the United States. This does not mean that we ignore the cultures and experiences that make us unique.

Starless Midnight QUOTEIn order for Americans to be truly equal, we must abandon the push towards equality of outcome. Equality of outcome is not true equality. It in fact a means to create inequality in America. Equality of outcome creates an environment where various states of victimhood are believed to be incapable of achieving unless outside influences are used to assist them. Many times these outside influences achieve to opposite results of their intent. Equality of outcome can only be achieved through the purposeful discrimination of those not seen as not being affected by the particular state of victimhood that is being targeted.

Eventually, everyone will fall outside this state of victimhood or that state, resulting in everyone eventually being discriminated against by this group or that group. This is not the answer in order to achieve equality. By its very nature Equality of outcome assumes that we are all unequal. If we are all unequal then equality can never be achieved.

If we want all Americans to be equal then we MUST work towards a system of equality of opportunity. Equality of opportunity says that everyone is capable of achieving success regardless of who they are. It assumes that if presented with an opportunity then all Americans can use that opportunity to improve their life. In order to improve your life through these various opportunities then we must act upon the opportunity that is presented. This requires action. It requires work. As Americans, if we fail to act we fail to succeed. Success and Prosperity both require action. Without action, nothing changes and we remain in the same place that we are in, and often we devolve to a position where our life is worse.

Learn to live together as BrothersWe can only start to change the minds of those pushing for equality of outcome by coming together to work for equality of opportunity for all. We have to quit allowing ourselves to be segregated by our various states of victimhood. and the only means to achieve this is for us to come together as a community and a Nation.

You can connect with Marcus Monroe through his Instagram @therealmmonroeteach  you can also find his book Switching Governments: 10 Steps To Unlocking Heaven’s Blessings In Your Life on Amazon.

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