October 27, 2021

Only you! Can save the Constitution!

If we cannot stand together. The downfall of the constitution, and freedom as we know it will be inevitable. Even worse it will be because of us.

It’s time to rebuild our community.

In a time where being a legal firearm owner is viewed as evil. Can you believe that! Viewed as evil. We have to stick together to save the Constitution. There are so many new daily attacks on our rights, we have to stay vigilant. We have to watch all opposition. Protecting one another at all costs.

We are under attacked. From all directions they wait for failure. The media falsely blames for the downfalls in society. People like Mike Bloomberg with his Moms demand Action, and Every Town for Gun Safety. Presidential hopefuls Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders aren’t alone. Even President Trump will not guarantee our rights remain intact.

Time to push back

Time to fight for the constitution. We have taken action on a county level Nationwide to preserve our freedoms by way of creating Constitutionally Compliant Counties. When Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, as well as others, put an all-out assault on the Second Amendment. The best way to help our actions is to find a compliance group near you. Or start your own. Gather your friends, family, and those close to you and bring an ordinance to your Sheriff, commissioners, and county attorney.

The writers of the Constitution couldn’t be more clear.

Regardless of the words from our founding fathers. “Shall not be infringed”. Or the cases from Supreme Court such as D.C. vs Heller, or Cateno vs Pennsylvania. Our Constitutional rights are non-negotiable.

Yet on a regular basis. We are under attack.  Its time these oath breakers studied up on the law. passing or enforcing these can face them with civil and criminal charges based on Title 8 USC 241, Title 18 USC 242, and Title 42 USC 1983.

Your sheriffs hold the power to arrested for enforcing these laws. We have the power to take them to court. Then charge them for their crimes. They then can never hold office and attempt to throw our rights out the window again. It’s time we use those rights to protect the people in our communities.

We need to do more if we’re going to save the Second amendment. What can you do to protect yourself? The Liberty First Foundation is committed to helping you preserve your civil rights. Are you?

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