October 20, 2021

One of our own is in the fight.

The Liberty First Foundation is proud to offer our endorsement to Michael “Vass” Vasquez for the Broome County NY Legislature.

There are very few times when the Liberty First Foundation has put its name behind a political candidate.  The reason for our reluctance has more to do with the qualifications the candidate than it does with our worrying about making ourselves too political.  It has been, from our first day, our intention to only offer an endorsement to those outstanding candidates that we have come to know over a long period of time.  While time is not our only criteria for offering our support, it is a rather important one.

We have seen many candidate that say the right things, shake the right hands, and pull the right strings, but once we truly got to know their character, we could see things that most in the public could not.  Then there are those who enter the political arena who may not possess all of the expected political traits and talents, but that have a moral compass that is not swayed by the magnetism of political fortune or expedience.  One such man is the Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor of North Carolina, Mark Robinson.

After spending a good deal of time with Mark, his wife, and those volunteering for his campaign, we got to know him, not as a candidate, but as a person.  While Mark has a very specific set of ideals that we agree with, there are some we can debate about, however, in debating a person with true convictions, you find out how steadfast that person is.  It is that power of principal, that even when differing on policy, a level of respect is born and common ground achieved.

That brings us to Michael “Vass” Vasquez.

Our relationship with Mr. Vasquez is a long and storied one, a relationship that we are especially proud of.

Some 10 years ago, we first heard Michael on the radio, having a political debate on one of the local radio stations. The debate, while being lively, entertaining, and informative was not the last we would hear of Mr. Vasquez.  Over the next few years, we came across Mr. Vasquez in many of the local political forums, and stumbled upon his Social Media presence.  After seeing how instrumental in local politics he had become, we found a kinship. Here was a man that was putting into words many of the ideas than many could not find a platform of their own to articulate.

A year or so went by and while at a gathering for a friend, I (Frank Johnson) struck up a conversation with another attendee.  It was a pleasant exchange, with a lot of laughs.  It wasn’t until the puzzle pieces came together that I figured out that the Mike at the party was the same Michael I had been listening to and reading about for so long.  From that day on, I have been proud to call Michael Vasquez my friend.

When the Liberty First Foundation was first organized, there was one person that stepped up and put his name next to ours, lending his credibility and reputation to our efforts.  That man was Michael Vasquez.

Over his tenure of volunteerism with the Liberty First Foundation, he has made it possible for us to meet with members of the political class that we would otherwise not have given us a forum.  Michael has given us his time, his voice, and his passion for freedom and liberty, and never asked for a thing in return, knowing that what benefits us, benefits us all.  It is that selflessness, that dedication to cause, and the willingness to help his fellow American that has garnered him so much respect, even from those with whom he disagrees.

Michael has a keen political mind, understanding not only issues concerning constituents at the local level, but also how national and international matters play a part in their daily lives.  This talent may be a result as his service as a United States Marine, a service that took him around the globe and back.  While being worldly, astute and educated, Michael is first and foremost a leader in his community, a leader that is trusted and respected.

Americans are currently facing a number of issues, and many of them are things that none us us have ever had to deal with before.  All of us, as a people, are looking for answers, looking for honesty, and most of all, looking for leadership.   The Liberty First Foundation believes wholeheartedly that Michael Vasquez can provide for the constituents of the Broome County NY Legislature with a good dose of what they are seeking.  The Liberty First Foundation is proud to give our endorsement to the one candidate that has exemplified what it means to be a good man, a good neighbor, and a good friend….Michael “Vass” Vasquez.

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