October 20, 2021

Rick Ector…Firearm Training for 1,000 Women!!

Rick Ector will train 1,000 Women on May 17th!

A while back we had the opportunity to meet and later write about Rick Ector.  Rick is a firearms instructor located in Detroit Michigan.  For several years now, Rick has dedicated himself to helping the people of his community get the training they need, not only to defend themselves, but to become representatives of the Second Amendment.  To date, Rick has helped thousands of individuals, not only through his training efforts, but by being an active member of his community, giving as much of his time as possible to helping those with very few options.

Knowing Rick for a while now, I can honestly say that he is doing some amazing work.  To add to his long and storied list of accomplishments and service to the community, Rick has set out on a very ambitious journey.  What is Rick up to???

Rick is planning a First-Of-Its-Kind training event for women…A THOUSAND women.


Rich ill be hosting a Live Broadcast Training event to help women become more familiar with firearms, and all of the rights and responsibilities that come with owning one.  On May 17th, 2020  Rick will be broadcasting live to both Facebook and YouTube Simultaneously, and he is encouraging every woman who has the ability to do so, to join him while he shares his vast knowledge and experience with them.

I can give you all of the details here, or you can watch the video below and have Rick himself tell you how to participate.


For more information, please visit Rick’s Facebook page at THIS LINK.

You can also find Rick at his website at THIS LINK.

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