October 19, 2021

Standing together against gun laws.

In the Great state of Utah. When injustice calls, we answer. We will not be stepped on.

As I stood there on the capitol grounds.

I could feel the camaraderie of the nearly 3,000 people who gathered in attendance. Today it wasn’t about race, religion, or orientation. All of us were there for the same thing. Each one of us had the same goal in mind. We had to show the legislators that their gun laws were not welcome. No compromise.

The crowd grew quickly this morning to protest new gun laws.

On February 8th 2020 at the State Capitol Building in Salt Lake City UT, a few thousand gun right activist gathered for the Pro Freedom Rally. People from all over Utah and surrounding states met up on the steps at Capitol Hill to make sure our voices were heard loud, and clear. “All gun laws are infringements” chanted the crowd. Echoing back what the speakers had to say. We stood there and gave support to our brothers and sisters, as each speaker did their part. I was given the privilege to hear from so many great influences in our community.


We listened with great joy to our committed speakers.

We got to hear from the Utah Shooting Sports Council. A speaker from the Three Percenters Original built up pride, and energy among the attendees. A compassionate speaker from Australia told us how awful all the gun laws down under have made it. Each speaker used different words, but had the same message. As gun loving Utahns it was our duty to fight these latest infringements. We had to stop fighting each other, and join up to take on the state. For too long we’ve separated in our different clicks. Not supporting other groups because we had a different preferred use for the second amendment.

Speaking to the locals was inspiring by itself.

As I would make my way through different groups I got varied reasons for their attendance. Utah Militia was there so provide security and look for new members. Proud Boys Utah chapter to show resistance to the laws. Hoards of Three percenters showed up to support their local citizens and fight tyranny. Hunters made appearances to remind the law makers that they are a major part of Utah culture. I was there representing our Liberty First Foundation in support of all things constitutional. Each one of us gathered on the grounds today to support one another.

So what is the second amendment all about?

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state. The right of the people to keep and bear arm Shall Not Be Infringed!” but what exactly does it mean. In September 1783 our founding fathers and just finished liberating a nation of freedom loving citizens from the tyrannical British government. After seeing what the redcoats had in store for the new Americans they knew that they had to build the new democracy with laws in place to limit government power over the people. In December 1791 the first 10 amendments were ratified to the constitution. They knew that if the government ever got so big that it would try to retake control of the people, they needed a way to fight back.

At the end of the day.

We know that it’s up to us. The citizens to keep big government in check. To get out and vote for those who have our best interest in mind. We have to remind legislators just who they’re representing.  Weather you enjoy shooting clay pigeons. Bagging an elk in the mountains. Competition shooting against rivals. Personal defense from any form of threat. We all have a reason to own firearms, and a constitutional right to do so.

So thank you.

Second Amendment

To everyone who came out today in support of Freedom. You are the reason we here at the Liberty First Foundation do what we do. Without you we are only fighting for ourselves. You give us a reason to go out, meet new people, and be proud of who we are.



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