October 19, 2021

Victory in Utah

We are pleased to announce that we have won the fight against Red flag laws in Utah for the third year in a row.


Utah has long been known for its accepting and open stance on the second amendment which is just one of the reasons I love this state.

Recently however our constitutionally given rights have been under attack at every turn. The most recent attempted assault came from Stephen G Handy (R). Mr. Handy is a representative for Utah’s  16th district, someone we’d expect to be on our side. This year Stephen proposed H.B. 229, the dreaded Extreme Risk Protection Order. A more accurate term for the bill is the Red Flag Law.

The issue

The Red Flag Law is a slap in the face to the founding fathers and the constitution as a whole. There are numerous dangers in these laws that hurt the American gun owners, and risk threats to their families. A list of the dangers can be found here.

Staging the environment

Feb. 3rd, 2020 the people of Utah fought back, hard. Before the Layton City Town Hall meeting, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Karl Knighton, and Chad Krupa of the Utah Firearms Association. We had a chance to talk about why we fight so hard for our second amendment, and its purpose to protect the other amendments. I talked with as many of the locals as I could to get their stance on the proposed legislation. We were thrilled to meet who we’re fighting for. It was nice to be able to educate people who weren’t sure about just what the laws meant, or why they were dangerous. I saw so many “Ah-ha” faces. I knew we were doing the right thing.

As people started to gather in the meeting room we were very excited to see the turnout. With the weather being a very cold 18 degrees we didn’t expect many to make it. When the 150-200 attendees showed up we happy people were willing to brave the elements to have their voices heard.

A short but powerful battle 

After an hour of droll about tax reform, we got to the meat and bones of our reason to be at this night’s meeting. Local man, Kevin Novak stood and asked how such a terrible bill could be submitted. It was clear at that moment that so many of the people there that night had the same thought. Within seconds the room was filled with the chatter of the unjust law, and that it had to be stopped. H.B.229 got overwhelming resistance, and after only 7 minutes it happened. Representative Handy Stood and announced that there was a bad taste for the bill. He stated he would be removing the proposed bill from this legislative session. A brief silence was broken with eruptive applause.

After the announcement, I felt a warm feeling of justice pass over me. I looked back to see Karl, Chad, and may residents had the same approving smile I had on my face. It was an encouraging win, in a battle that feels like there are so many losses.


After the meeting, we stuck around to talk to Kevin about how it was great to have him on our side. After wrapping up introductions and praise with Kevin we talked Davis County Sheriff; Kelly V. Sparks. Who fortunately for us, is on our side of the second amendment. He was happy to talk with us and listen to us for upwards of 20 minutes. He agreed that the second amendment is not to be taken lightly and is important to a free society. Sparks even addressed a resolution I gave him about making Davis County Utah a Second amendment sanctuary county.  It was nice to hear that he is open to the proposal and it will be spoken about soon. We thanked the Sheriff and headed outside.

After stepping back outside and remembering how cold it was, we made it brief. We thanked each other for coming and standing up for our rights. Discussed the upcoming Pro-Freedom rally Feb. 8th, 2020 in Salt Lake City at the Capitol Building. Then we said our goodbyes.

Closing, and thanks

In closing, it was great to meet so many people who are ready to stand up against unconstitutional laws. Knowing how many people were willing to come out and be heard was empowering. So thank you to the residents for being strong and showing up. Thank you to Kevin, for speaking out against injustice. Our Gratitude for Sheriff Sparks and his determination to preserve the constitution. Finally Thank you to the Utah Firearms Association for braving the elements to attends from as far away as Utah County. We hope to see Utah Firearms Association alongside the The Liberty First FoundationLiberty First Foundation take on upcoming battles.

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