October 19, 2021

TRAINSHOT…A revolution in Firearm Training and Competition.

We visit Point Blank Range for the Celebrity Shoot-Out using the new TRAINSHOT Electronic Shooting System.

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to spend a couple days at Point Blank Range in Matthews North Carolina. While we could usually be found in a range, perusing the assortment of goodies on display, or chatting it up with fellow Second Amendment Enthusiasts, this week we were there with a purpose. We were there to check out the TRAINSHOT Electronic Training System.

A day earlier, Steve Rodriguez, the Event Manager for Point Blank let us know that not only would the folks from TRAINSHOT  be debuting their new training system but that Point Blank would be the Exclusive home of the TRAINSHOT system. We arrived at the event on October 9th, and awaited both the festivities and the guest competitors.  Among those who would be trying out the TRAINSHOT system were Larry Vickers, Alex Zedra, Jade Struck, Tracy Lee, Missy Lynn, Brandon Herrera, Seth Bonham, and the world renowned founder of Ameri-Do-Te, the Legendary Master Ken. 

The competition would be one that would run these shooters through the entire training/competition process that TRAINSHOT had developed. They would compete in six different stages, each designed to focus on a specific, or combined set of  disciplines.  Accuracy, speed of draw, time to target, accuracy, distance, target recognition, all under the stressful accounting of the shot timing device built into the TRAINSHOT proprietary downloadable app.

The TRAINSHOT System is by far one of the most versatile and adaptive training systems we have seen.  Each facet of the system works together to get extremely specific information that can be used for individual training, at-range competing, and for national competitions, all in a system that cannot be fooled.  Even the targets themselves are reactive, being able to sense not only WHEN they have been struck, but WHERE.

The system itself is not just a random conglomeration of parts, but a highly coordinated system.  Whether using the system to improve ones own performance, or linking yours to a nationwide network of TRAINSHOT locations for Nationwide Competition under unified rules, this adaptive, interactive system promises to bring a good dose of excitement for the Second Amendment Community.

The TRAINSHOT System is not only for the handgun or indoor shooting enthusiast, but for any and all shooters that want to see an improvement in their performance, or for the purpose of satisfying that competitive urge.  With Long-Range accessories being able to be added to your system, even those of us who enjoy stretching out with our rifles are able to take advantage.

As for durability, well, we can tell you first hand that the LED Illuminated Target Bridge(where your target attaches) was not only able to withstand a direct hit from a 124gr 9mm projectile fired from a distance of 21”, but continued to function without a hiccup. That in and of itself was a very impressive feat, especially considering how jam-packed with electronics the unit is.

All in all, we were extremely impressed with what we saw from the TRAINSHOT system.  The app is easy to use, has a variety of features, and instantaneously reactive to the shooter.  The components are well made, well finished, and very durable.  With the “Starter Kit” listed at $249, the “Range Kit” at $450, and the “Long Range Kit” at $699, Trainshot is not inexpensive, but it is worth every penny.  For those ranges that would be interested in incorporating the system into their calendar, the Trainshot System could also prove to be an investment that pays for itself time and time again.  After seeing first hand how much these professional shooters enjoyed themselves, it is clear that those of us “normies” would be hard pressed not to.

While we did film a LOT of rounds being fired over the course of 2 days, we though you would enjoy watching a slightly compressed version.  Sadly for us, we didn’t get some of the best shooting of the day…Seth Bonham, the 17 year old IDPA Master shooter also took his turn at the TRAINSHOT System, and as his title suggests, this young man has talent….A LOT of talent.  Shooting with the skill of marksman with dozens of years experience, this teenage phenom ended day one on top of the leader board.   It is truly heart warming to see such an immeasurable talent not only participating, but leading the pack.  And for the record, Seth is an extraordinary young man, with a personality to match.  We are very fortunate to have him, and the rest of these fine individuals representing the Second Amendment Community.

We would like to thank Point Blank Range for the opportunity to participate in the event, and we would also like to thank all of the participants for being such fantastic representatives of the Second Amendment Community.

For more information the TRAINSHOT Shooting System, please visit them at www.TRAINSHOT.com.

If you want to try the system out for yourself, visit the Point Blank Range facilities in Matthews, and Moorseville North Carolina. www.PointBlankRange.com.

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To get an idea of what the GRAND PRIZE rifle will look like, visit our friends at 51Fifty Rifles. 

Keith Berry, owner of 51FIFTY Rifles also created the World Famous “Liberty Rifle” for former UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy “The Natural” Couture.  We are proud that he has agreed to build us the “Legend of Liberty”.

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