October 20, 2021

“NEW” Taurus 856 Review

Taurus 856 

Taurus upped their game with their revolver line when they introduced the new Taurus 856. They took their long standing Taurus 85 that holds five rounds and created the Taurus 856 that carries six rounds in the cylinder. The Taurus 856 featured in this review is “burned orange” although the color looks like a bright red to me. They offer various color schemes that will surely please shooters of all tastes. I believe that “old school” revolver purists will choose a matte silver or black revolver.

How heavy is it?

The Taurus 856 is an addition to their “Ultra-Lite line of snub-nose revolvers. It weighs just 16 ounces which is suitable for pocket carriers. The overall length is 6.5 inches and the height is 4.8 inches. The frame is alloy aluminum and the black rubber grips are slim and comfortable. The snub-nose revolver sports a two-inch barrel and it’s +P rated for additional power.

Did the reviewer shoot it?

I took the Taurus 856 to the range to demonstrate it’s capabilities. This is not a superbly accurate type of handgun. Tiny revolvers like this are considered, “get off me” handguns. While standing eight yards away, I could easily make contact with my steel targets. The 856 uses a fixed tunnel rear sight and serrated blade front site. Both are snag-free and work well for their intended purposes. I will mention the black front sight got lost into the black target when shooting. A little bright nail polish on the bladed front sight would be an easy quick fix.

Is it +P rated?

I ran some Remington .38 Special +P ammo through it. The addition power was noticeable with such a light weight handgun. The muzzle flash was also intense. Each .38 Spl +P round fired without issue and I was quite accurate with that load. I felt the more I shot the Taurus 856 CH the more confident and comfortable I felt with my sub-par revolver marksmanship.

Final thoughts

Overall, the Taurus 856 is a worthy choice for a light weight snub-nose revolver. The MSRP is $398 but I believe the gun store price will be around $300 which is on par with the Taurus 85. For greater detail and information, watch the video below and let us know your thoughts on the new Taurus 856. Would you consider this revolver for concealed carry?

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