October 20, 2021

We Shoot the Sccy CPX-3…maybe you should too.

Our review of the Sccy CPX-3 .380. A budget friendly sidearm packed with value!

Introduction to the CPX-3

When we first saw the Sccy CPX-3 at ShotShow2019, we couldn’t help notice a little buzz in the air.  We were familiar with the Sccy line of pistols and had spent some time with them at the range, but those were the 9mm’s….this was a .380  with a $305.00 MSRP that people were flocking to see.

OK…a .380…what’s so special about another .380?

At first glance, you would be hard pressed to notice the differences between the CPX-3 and its 9mm counterpart the CPX-2.  Upon closer inspection, we found them.  The CPX-3 is about 3/4″ shorter in length, the grip is a little thinner, the slide is a bit squared off, and gone were the small holes that ran up the backstrap of the CPX-2.

(fig.1. Sccy CPX-2 9mm)                                     (fig.2. Sccy CPX-3 .380)

That’s it?  Shorter, thinner, and in .380?  This is what all the buzz is about? A 10 round, Double-Stack, Double Action Only, Hammer Fired .380? Well, not quite. This is the pistol that is introducing the Roebuck “Quadlock” system.

The Roebuck Quadlock system, as described by Sccy, was developed to better interlock the barrel to the slide. As the name describes, the “Quadlock” system allows the barrel to maintain 4 secure points of contact to the slide when in battery, meaning that when the round is fire it will result in a a more accurate, flatter shooting firearm.


This is a claim that is a little hard to verify in a convention center full of thousands of people, so naturally we requested that Sccy send us one for some testing…and they did.

Here is what we found during out “Table Top Review”.

One of the most impressive things we noticed while looking at the CPX-3 for the first time was the machining.  We have seen firearms with a much higher MSRP that have not been machined with as much precision. The underside of the slide was smooth with little to no machine markings.

We were also impressed with the fit of the components.  Everything was tight, yet smoothly operable. Another nice feature was the nearly full-length rails, and not just a couple of short tabs to hold the slide to the grip frame.


After spending the day, and a couple of hundred rounds, this is what we found.  The CPX-3 is a well made, nicely balanced firearm with exceptional accuracy.  The CPX-3 was able to feed, fire, and eject, Brass FMJ’s, Hollow Points, and an assortment of Steel and Aluminum cased target rounds, and it did so without issue.

Here is our “Range Review” of the CPX-3.

The ONLY mechanical issues, as seen in the above video,  occured when the magazine followers failed to engage the slide stop.  This happened with each of the 3 magazines that came with the pistol, however, it did not happen with regularity.  This, at least to us, was an indicator that we needed to let the gun break-in as those issues seemed to become less frequent as the day went on.

The ergonomics of the pistol are very good, with magazine release and slide stop being within easy reach of the operator.  The Take-Down Pin does require a little bit of prying to remove in order to clean and maintain the firearm, but it is well secure enough to prevent inadvertent issues.  The grip frame feels stout and solid.  The texturing on the grp panels and back strap is robust, but not abrasive, giving an excellent grip while avoiding any discomfort if it were to rub against bare skin.

The Slide is a pleasure to manipulate.  With the .380 being a lower pressure cartridge, the captured recoil spring is softer, making the drawing of the slide a near effortless operation.  Add the deep serrations of the slide to the ease of the draw and you have a firearm that even the weakest of hands can operate.

Now, with all of the positives, there was one negative…the finger grooves.

Speaking ONLY for myself…I dislike finger grooves. Unless the gripframe has been specifically manufactured for my hands, I have never found them to be accommodating. No matter the manufacturer, material, or placing, my fingers never seem to fall within the valleys, but rather they ride the peaks.  This does not lend itself to an enhoyable shooting experience. With the lower recoil, and decent grip size, the feeling is mitigated with the CPX-3, however, I would have been more comfortable with a simpler front strap. Now, I might not exactly be the target consumer for this firearm, but it would still be nice if I was just as comfortable with in my hand as someone with more diminutive mitts.

Will this detail prevent me from carrying the CPX-3….Not a chance.  It’s compact, light weight, reliable and well made…and with 3 total magazines, I would be more than comfortable with the CPX-3 on my hip.

Overall grade….9.2 out of 10


Photography Credit, P.D. Somma


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