October 19, 2021

A Conversation With Mark Robinson

A conversation with North Carolina Lt. Governor candidate Mark Robinson.

A little more than a year ago the world was introduced to Mark Robinson.  A North Carolina resident, this mild mannered, married father became a viral sensation.  During a Greensboro City Council meeting, Mr. Robinson did what so many of us wish we had the opportunity to do…fight back.

With nothing more than his booming voice, and rather imposing physical presence, Mr. Robinson delivered an unscripted, impassioned argument that took the Second Amendment world by storm.  Armed only with facts, logic, and his adoration of the United States Constitution, Mark single handedly ignited a spark that lit the fire in the hearts of gun owners everywhere.

It was not long after his Greensboro speech that I noticed something…the impact.  Whether it was at ShotShow, the NRA Annual Meeting, or my local gun store, someone in the 2A community was asking me if I saw Mark’s speech.  It wasn’t only the Average Joe asking about Mark, it was the Who’s-Who’s as well. Every time I had the opportunity to interview a “notable” person from our world, Mark Robinson’s name would come up.

We knew almost immediately that Mark has that intangible quality that made him memorable.  It was clear that he was going to be a force within the Second Amendment Community, It wasn’t long before our own Michael Marshall had the opportunity to speak with Mark and get a glimpse into the mind of the man that had unwittingly become a voice for many of us.

Now, not to be outdone by my colleague Mr. Marshall, when the chance to spend some time getting to know Mark came up, I took the opportunity to do so.   Here is the conversation we had…

There are those that find themselves thrust into the limelight, and spend every minute enriching themselves.  Then there are people like Mark, patriots that see it as a call to action.  He decided that he would take his newly found fame and put it to use for something much larger than his own self interests.  He was going to enter the arena and pick a fight…the fight for Lt. Governor of the State of North Carolina.  So this evening, in front of a packed room at the Moore County Wildlife and Conservation Club , Mark delivered an inspiring presentation.

After outlining his positions on a variety of issues, he did something that was a bit unusual(for a politician)…he stayed and spoke with every single person in attendance.  What was more unusual is that every question he was asked was met with a clear, concise, and well thought-out answer.  It is clear that Mr. Robinson is not just a one-issue candidate, but someone that is well versed with the concerns of the North Carolina residents, and someone that is willing to be their voice.

To know more about where Mark Robinson stands, visit (and share) his website at www. MarkRobinsonforNC.com

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