October 20, 2021

Inspiration of the Founders

To tell the truth I was very disheartened by the lack of involvement I am witnessing in the 2nd Amendment community.  What I realized is that I was not inspiring people to follow me.  I am going to accept the blame for this as I have failed you, my readers.  Where I failed was to not put out content that would inspire you to action.

Signing of Constitution

Some of you may have noticed I haven’t written an article for some time.  There is a reason for this.  Personally, I felt my message was not getting through to anyone.  I failed to provide the inspiration needed to take action.  So, I took time off, reevaluated my commitment, and adjust strategies.  Let’s face it the tactics I was using were not working.


inspirationTo tell the truth I was very disheartened by the lack of involvement I am witnessing in the 2nd Amendment community.  I realized I was not inspiring people to follow me.  I am going to accept the blame for this as I have failed you, my readers.  I failed by not delivering content that inspired you to action.

After this long soul-searching, I have decided that I am going to start working on some new content.  I will be referencing the leaders of our past hopefully inspiring you the reader to take action against the threats against Liberty that we see today.


Our history is filled with people taking a stand against the atrocities of tyranny.  Those stories can serve us today.  My hope is that we will all learn from these great leaders of our past and take heart the sacrifices.  That we follow their examples ensuring that liberty lives on for coming generations.

We are at a crossroads in our country today and depending on the route we take it easily could establish an environment that is primed for corruption and tyranny.  Anti-gun groups are organized finding success in states that were staunch supporters of the 2nd Amendment.  While we are complaining via social media or arguing with other 2nd Amendment groups we see as too compromising.

The truth is we are too concerned about ourselves and we continue to fail and see the larger picture.  We lack the inspiration to take action.  The other side is reveling in our arguing amongst ourselves.  As long as we argue with other pro-2nd organizations we cannot organize against them.  This plays right into their hands and gives them free rein to restrict the rights that our founders believed crucial in maintaining liberty and freedom.


We have many tools at our disposal to end this tyranny and to start taking back our country.  This will require organizing and working together to end this assault on our rights.  I will start writing articles about how we start this process using the founders for inspiration.  Our only chance to return this country to Liberty is to stop the tyranny that has already taken root in this country.

Many of the tactics I will write about are applicable in restoring the intent of the founders and the Constitution.  But, first, we must learn from history to reestablish the freedom we all deserve.

Get Involved

The only way that we can protect our rights is by getting involved.  This means doing more than going to the ballot box once a year.  By the time elections come around it is often too late and the damage has already been done.  There are many organizations that are fighting to protect the rights that are acknowledged under the 2nd Amendment but they need your help.  Financial help is always welcomed by these organizations bu what is needed most is volunteers to get out into the communities and spread the word.

What anti-gun organizations fear the most is an educated public.  If the public is educated then they are unable to spread their message of misinformation and their support falls.  We have to numbers and the power to dismantle these organizations through truth but it takes people getting involved and spreading the message.

Community Leaders

One of the most effective ways to institute the change that we would like to see is by getting involved with your community leaders.  These people know the communities and they hold influence in the communities they serve.  Get to know your Sheriff, your Council Leader, your Commissioners.   These people serve their communities and know what their communities are asking for.  They can help amplify our voice and help get our message heard.

Consider running for office at the local level.  Get elected to the School Board, the Town Council, the County Board of Supervisors, or any other office where you think you can promote responsible gun-ownership and counter the false rhetoric of these anti-gun organizations.

Liberty First Foundation

The Liberty First Foundation was established to help organize various segments of the 2nd Amendment community through education.  Our mission is to change the way people perceive guns and gun owners.  This mission comes at a cost and so far we have been able to cover the cost of what we have been able to accomplish.  There is so much more that we would like to do.

If you are interested in helping us in any way please contact me via email at [email protected] and you can donate at https://l1f.us/donate/.  You can read many more articles that have been written by many talented authors that go into the history and the culture of firearms.  Articles like Second Amendment Saved Our Lives or “Someone needs to do something”…That someone is YOU.

You can follow us on facebook at https://facebook.com/libertyfirstfoundation/ or join our group at https://facebook.com/thereligionofarms/

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