October 19, 2021

20 Interesting “NEW” Handguns for 2019″

Each year brings us a series of new handguns that enter the pistol market. The year, 2019 was no different. In fact, this year brought us many new and exciting handguns that nobody saw coming. Who would have thought that Mossberg would produce a concealed carry pistol (MC1sc) that would mimic the size of the original Glock 43? Or that Glock would not only produce the G43X but also a Glock 48 with a 4.1 inch barrel. Raise your hand if you expected that.

There were other handguns that we were expecting but was unsure when they would be released. Remember how popular the CZ P-10C was when introduced? Shooters said that it was great but wanted the same pistol in a smaller configuration. This year CZ released the subcompact model called the CZ P-10S. They even made an optic ready model for looking to add a red dot. It’s the same story with the Ruger Security-9 Compact. People were amazed at how much quality went into a $300 handgun but surely wanted a smaller model for concealed carry. Ruger delivered with the Ruger Security-9 Compact.

2019 brought us a few new full-size handguns that are incredible. Walther took their optic ready, polymer frame Q5 Match handgun and created an all steel frame handgun called the Walther Q5 Match SF (steel frame). The Q5 Match will surely be a hot item for competitive shooters. Several of my viewers from YouTube requested that I visit Nemo Arms at Shot Show to check out the Monark MK-9. The Monark MK-9 is a beautiful pistol with an aluminum frame, 5 inch barrel, optic ready and an amazing trigger. Both the Walther Q5 Match SF and the Nemo Arms Monark MK-9 are excellent full-size additions to the 2019 market.

The majority of the new released handguns this year were chambered in 9mm with an emphasis on concealed carry. The Kimber EVO SP, Beretta APX Carry and the Arex Arms Rex Delta are all fine examples of new pistols that perform outstanding. There were three .22 long rifle handguns that made the 2019 list. The Taurus TX22 and the KelTec CP33 both took the standard .22 pistol blueprint to the dump and created “outside the box” pistols that are “one of a kind.” Add to that, the Ruger Wrangler revolver is a beautiful cerakoted 6-shot that would be a great training tool for new shooters.

Check out the entire list of, “20 Interesting “NEW” Handguns for 2019″ by watching the video below. There is sure to be a several handguns that you had no idea existed.


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