October 27, 2021

The kids are leading the charge!

The Second AMendment is alive and well in Waverly NY….and the Wolverines are leading the way.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Waverly, NY to visit with the next generation of Second Amendment Warriors.  They call themselves the “Wolverines”.  To be more accurate, they are the
Waverly Wolverines Skeet Shooting Team”.

To watch these 15-18 year olds shoot was quite a show.  Their hit-to-miss ratio was impressive to say the least. Watching them, it would be easy to mistake them for a much more seasoned group of shooters, and not the youngsters that are not even old enough to drive.

What made the event even more impressive were two facts that I did not know upon my arrival.  First, this team is in its first year of competition.  Secondly, the team did not come into existence through happenstance, but rather the perseverance of the kids on the team itself.

Prior to these kids, Waverly High School did not have any shooting sports at all.  The team was the brainchild of the students that wanted to have some sort of Second Amendment related activity that they could participate in.  So articles were read, phone calls were made, volunteers were enlisted, and a presentation was made to the school board.

It was truly inspirational to see the youth come together and take the initiative to exercise their Constitutional Rights.  They not only serve as an example to other kids that might like to do the same, but they serve as a confidence booster for the Second Amendment Advocate that sometimes feels as though we are losing ground.  The next generation of activists are out there, they are taking to the field….they are the Wolverines.



For more information on how to bring this program to your community, visit http://www.usaclaytarget.com/


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