October 19, 2021

Tough Times Call For Tough Love.

Have we already lost the fight for the Second Amendment, or do we still have a chance to win?

Break out the Preparation H, the aloe vera, and whatever ointment you think works best for irritations and burns…because this is not going to be a comfortable read.

I am going to spell it out to you in no uncertain terms. Your guns are going to be taken.  Your handguns, rifles, sporting guns, your shotguns…all of them are going bye bye.

Don’t give me that “Molon Labe” crap, or the “from my cold dead hands” line…the fact is that we have lost the war, and it is only a matter of time before they clear the battlefield of those that still didn’t get the memo.  From the Tacticool to the Fudd, and everyone in between, you will be disarmed….period.


It doesn’t matter how many rounds of ammo we have stockpiled in the garage.  It doesn’t matter how many of us have squirreled away all of those Bump Stocks, none of it will do you, or any of us any good.  A new era has begun and the Second Amendment, for all of its glory and storied past, is dead and buried.

Whether you like it or not, here is an undeniable fact for you to put in your pipe…Those that want to take your guns have been better funded, more organized, and more passionate that than our side has been. For them, there has never been a deviation of course. There were going to get your guns, and NOTHING was going to stop them.  They would employ every tactic in the book to make themselves appear to be reasonable, prudent, and “concerned” about the children.  How did we respond?  “COME AND TAKE THEM!!!!”  Well, guess what….that is exactly what they are doing.

Red Flag Laws….maybe you’ve heard of them.

Did we have elected representatives go on the offense every time there was a shooting?  Did we introduce bills that would strengthen the Second Amendment?  No.  What we did instead was allowed the opposing forces to take command of the agenda, occupy the soapbox and scream the loudest into the microphone.  How did WE respond?  We held rallies, with signs, cardboard cutouts, waved flags, and we did it on a Saturday or Sunday…when none of the lawmakers would be around to see us.

What elses did we do?  We paid yearly dues to one organization or another, and let them be our voice.  We paid someone else to stand in our place, and speak for us.  The problem is that we never really worried about what they would say or do on our behalf. We didn’t put much thought into how much ground they were willing to give up.

The Truth is…

There is a reality when it comes to all things political, and it is that there is more value in the problem than there is in the solution.  So long as there is an unsettled issue, there will be someone on each side of it, raising money and making promises that THEY will be the one to find the solution.  The rub is that once a solution is found, the issue no longer has value.  Things NEVER get resolved…it’s by design.

Whether it is pro or con, there are lines of people stacked deep with open hands looking for that donation…and THAT is why there will not be a final judgement.  However in lieu of a verdict, there will just be a constant chipping away of our rights…..and like suckers, we will all continue to fund those that keep promising us that they will make it all better.

What nobody wants to say is what I am saying right now….it’s already done and over.  We lost.

We failed to mobilize, we failed to organize, we failed to criticize…we just failed. Right now, we are only going through the motions, puffing out our chests, putting our plumage on full display…but when we cut the crap, we know deep down that it’s over.

Yeah, there MIGHT be those that barricade themselves in their houses, determined to fight until the last bullet.  There MIGHT be those that would rather go down in the blaze of glory, but odds are that’s not going to happen either.

You aren’t going to get your Alamo moment.

You aren’t going to fall on your sword.  No.  You’re going to probably be approached while pumping gas, or when you have your hands full of groceries. You will be approached at work or picking up the kids from soccer practice.  The nice officers will tell you that they have a warrant to seize your guns.  They will enter your home, while you sit in the back of a patrol car, and you will watch them take all your “boat anchors” and put them in a van.  They will give you a receipt for what they took, and it will be on to the next guy.

Nope….you’re not going to be defending your property like a sentinel, not if they can help it.  They don’t want to get into a shootout, and they will do whatever they can to avoid the situation. However, if they are going to engage you, it will be quick, violent, and used to discourage the next “hero” from doing the same.

More than just you in the crosshairs.

For those in your homes…take a look at that wall of family photos.  Your spouse, your kids….those people that you swore to protect.  Do you think you’re going to get into a stand-off with the police? I’m pretty sure you’re going to change your mind once you realize that you’re putting your family in the line of fire….so again….you will go as quietly as a church mouse.  Forget your chest pounding and your bluster.  Forget your tactical advantage and your sniper’s nest.  You will be doing NONE of that.  You will comply, and that is that.  Sure, you can tell me I’m wrong, but let’s face it…you’re not up to the fight.

There will be some that choose to fight to the last breath.   However, 95% or more of those that call themselves Second Amendment Supporters will gladly trade their guns for another tomorrow.  How do I know?  Well, what evidence to the contrary do I have?  Oh…did you post a meme?  That’s nice.

Until and unless the Second Amendment Community gets off their collective asses and starts being proactive, then every word above will not only be proven true, it will be proven well deserved.  If we cannot muster up enough cooperation between ourselves, and various “gun” organizations, then we truly deserve to have our rights taken away from us.

So the choice is entirely up to you.  Are you going to sit idly by and watch your remaining freedoms get erased?  When will you step up and start pushing back?  When will this hit close enough for you?


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