October 27, 2021

Well, this sucks.

When your reality does not match your training.

Types of Predators


My injury.

17 years ago, I sustained a pretty bad injury to my knee, and was unable to get it repaired at the time.  15 years later I have my first surgery, with the last taking place 9 days ago. A two year prolonged journey to complete knee replacement. Now with that being said, I am 75% this side of being in “fair” condition.  The pain is immense. I cannot rise or sit without assistance, and cannot get around without this nifty walker.

I knew this was going to be bad, but not until I was Knee-Deep did I know how bad.

Prior to being hospitalized, I tried to have a plan in place for when I got home. I knew that I would contend with some physical restrictions, so with that in mind, I took certain measures.

Under normal conditions, wherever I am, you can be confident that a firearm would not be too far behind. Having the blessing of mobility, if a situation were to arise unexpectedly, I would still have time to get to a sidearm…however, these are not normal conditions, and I am far from being mobile.

It is taking me several minutes to get to my feet, and several more to venture from one room to another.  Needing both arms to keep myself vertical, if someone should come busting through the back door, I have very few options. I know that if the need should arise, I will be defending myself from a limited number of locations and positions. That is IF I am able to defend myself at all.


Knowing that my speed and mobility are compromised, I cannot rely on my usual defensive tactics.  To compensate, I have tried to make certain accommodations for myself.  There are now “tools” in locations where they would not normally be…if you catch my drift.  Since I know I cannot get from the kitchen to the living room in a hurry, and the second floor is completely off-limits, I have had to put myself in a completely different mindset.

While this is a great departure from my usual defensive posture, it is also an exercise in flexibility.  We will not, if ever, be confronted with a dangerous situation when it is “convenient” for us.

The fact is, the bad guy ALWAYS has the advantage because he makes the decision to strike.  As defenders, we are always in a reactionary posture, depending on our skills and training to win the day. What my current situation has forced me to do is reassess my own tactics.  I am adding training scenarios to my personal curriculum. Training while physically compromised is the first. Fighting from confined spaces.  Training when separated from family.


Right now, I am vulnerable.  I made a decision to have some repairs made, repairs that will improve my physical condition.  With that choice, I have had to accept certain limitations being imposed on me that reduce my ability to act as defender of the home.  I knew this going in.  However, there may be a time and place where I am not the one that gets to make that decision, and if I have only trained for the optimal conditions, I will have trained myself to fail.



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1 thought on “Well, this sucks.

  1. Good piece, Frank. Our 2014 Home Invasion has left my wife with some mobility issues as well, and we have changed our household defense tactics accordingly.

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