October 19, 2021

Defender of Freedom: Lt. Col. Willes K. Lee for NRA Board 2019

Twenty-two-year combat veteran and NRA board director discusses various gun control laws and how his military and political career prompted him to become involved with the NRA and the Second Amendment.

“I’d love to have everybody’s vote. I’d love to have your support. We have a lot of work to do. I am excited to be with the NRA and to support all of our gun rights organizations.” Lt. Col. Willes K. Lee, USA (Ret)

Twenty-two-year combat veteran and NRA board director discusses various gun control laws and how his military and political career prompted him to become involved with the NRA and the Second Amendment.

“I’m a military Army brat, I grew up my whole life in that environment,” said Lt. Colonel Willes K. Lee, board director of the National Rifle Association and candidate for reelection 2019. After 22 years of military service, he said he transitioned into politics then into working with the NRA.

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet some great people all around this nation who are true Second Amendment supporters,” said the former Hawaii GOP state chairman. The key to protecting our civil rights is to get involved legislatively, he continued.

“Whether it’s voting, whether it’s activating your neighbors, whether it’s spreading the message, everyone can participate but everyone has to participate, it can’t just be the two of us,” said Lee. “All of our friends have to get involved in one way or the other in however way they can.”

The West Point graduate said so-called Red Flag laws are a political ploy by the Democrats to take away our guns. “I am absolutely opposed to gun confiscation laws and that’s how I see them.”  Democrats have proposed Red Flag laws in 13 states, and they will not stop there, he said. “The NRA opposes them, I oppose them, the danger is there is no manner of due process – there has to be some kind of due process.”

Red Flag laws permit law enforcement, school officials, family members or house members to make application to a judge, without notice and hearing, that someone they know is dangerous, possess firearms, and those firearms ought to be confiscated.

“Every state already has laws that prohibit people who shouldn’t have firearms or any other types of weapons from having them,” said Lee. “If you’re going to take firearms, why not take their knives and their automobiles, which are equally dangerous.”

With respect to bump stock bans, he said moving the focus to pressuring the ATF to correctly identify bump stocks as accessories, as was the case during the Obama administration, is doable and a good idea. “We didn’t expect somebody would actually be able to change the definition of what an automatic weapon is.” Banning anything is bad, but this way, he said is better than the alternative.

“It’s a regulation with the force of law that can be changed by one signature: Chief of ATF, the DOJ, or the president,” said Lee who is an active member of six NRA committees. “We don’t need 218 votes in the house, we don’t need 60 votes in the Senate to change it, so we’re in a better position than we were.”

He said the NRA has an injunction moving through the courts to try and stop bump stock bans before the deadline when people must turn them in. “We will fight this in the court until we can get this turned around through either ATF or DOJ.”

Concerning school shootings, Lee said he will advocate for the implementation of armed security at schools. “It is absolutely ludicrous that we protect everything else, a lot of it with armed force, our banks, our buildings, our military, but not our children?”

He said if a teacher is properly trained to carry a firearm and wants to carry one at school, that is no different than anyone else carrying under the Second Amendment. “This is on the way to constitutional carry; if you carry every day, you carry in the classroom, that’s not a problem.” The problem is gun free zones or “come shoot me zones”, he continued.

“Ninety-nine percent of the mass shootings are in gun free zones,” he said. “I shudder to think I could be caught somewhere and not be able to protect myself or my family, simply because some business or legislator decided that I shouldn’t be carrying my firearm where I need to protect myself.”

Lee, who is a co-member of President Trump’s 2A Coalition, said that he is 100 percent behind the president’s reelection in 2020, although he would like to see more emphasis on the Second Amendment. “I’m extremely encouraged with the two Supreme Court Justices that he has appointed and with the 80 federal judges that we’ve appointed.”

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