October 27, 2021

Getting Involved…Bringing Youth To The 2A And More.

Youth Day At Rockdale Rod and Gun Club. Getting involved in things that matter.

Today I had the opportunity to attend “Youth Day” at the Rockdale Rod and Gun Club.  For several years now, the R.R.G.C. has been opening its doors to the community and hosting this family friendly event.  An entire day devoted to developing the next generation of Second Amendment Advocates, Conservationists, and Outdoor Enthusiasts.

Saturday, February 16, 2019, 9.am

The day starts off with educational forums designed to bolster safety, respect for the environment, and personal responsibility.  Once the participants understand their individual role in being a good steward of nature and themselves, the fun begins.

Events and Activities

Ice Fishing, Fly Tying, Bow & Arrow, Pellet Rifles, Black Powder Rifles, just to name a few. Every activity is taught by experts in their respective fields, and supervised by range safety officers.  In addition to activities that the kids could participate in there were other presentations as well.  The D.E.C. was in attendance with their K-9 Partner, giving a demonstration on Search and Rescue.

Inside the clubhouse, and indoor range.

On one side of indoor range there were kids equipped with Air Rifles.  With a heavy emphasis on firearm safety and fundamentals, they were taught about marksmanship and competitive shooting.  On the other side of the range, a “Laser Shot” shooting system had a line of kids 5 deep, waiting for their chance to “Duck Hunt”.  The SCI Adirondack-Catskill Chapter also attended. giving a presentation on Animal Tracking and Identification.

While not a day of competition, there were plenty of prizes awaiting the attendees.  Tables full of goodies, donated by the Rockdale Rod and Gun Club, lined the walls of the range…fishing poles, camping supplies, archery kits, just to name a few.


On Outdoor Range.

From everywhere on the property you could hear the unmistakable report of a 50 Caliber Black Powder Rifle being fired. On the 300 yard range, in the 30 degree cold, was a line of kids eagerly waiting their turn to sling some lead. With rifles in both Right and Left handed Varieties, everyone got a chance to put a couple shots down range.

On the other side of the building, the archery course was full of young Robin Hood’s hitting bullseye after bullseye. With recurved, compound and crossbows, the kids were able to experience the full spectrum of Stringed Instruments.


As if all of the events activities and prizes were not enough to keep the kids happy, the R.R.G.C. served up a huge spread of Hot-Dogs, Hamburgers, and chili.

Getting Involved.

It was truly heartwarming to see so many kids, each smiling ear to ear, not only enjoying the activities, but enjoying some quality time with family and friends.  It is events like this (and the giant pot of homemade Hot Cocoa) that reinforce a sense of camaraderie and community.  Neighbors, friends, and club members, getting involved and sharing their skills and knowledge, encouraging the next generation…something that we should all aspire to do.

If you belong to a club, ask them if they would consider hosting an event like Youth Day. With our rights relentlessly being attacked, WE must do everything we can, not only to insure that we preserve them for ourselves, but for the future.  By hosting activities like Youth Day, we are planting positive seeds in the minds of our youth, seeds that will one day bear them the fruit of freedom, self reliance, and an understanding of ALL of their rights. So please, encourage your range to open its doors and do what Rockdale has done…invest in our future.

The Rockdale Rod and Gun Club will also be hosting National Range Day 2019, as organized by the Liberty First Foundation.

Visit the National Range Day Event Page on Facebook to be updated on the event.

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