October 27, 2021

2A Stalwart: Herb Lanford for NRA BOD 2019

NRA life member and benefactor told Liberty First Foundation that it is a great honor to serve NRA members and requests the opportunity to continue his aggressive defense of the Second Amendment.

“I ask that my fellow NRA voting members consider the real-world knowledge and experience I have gained through active service to our cause, and grant me the privilege of applying them on the NRA Board of Directors to the extraordinary challenges which confront us.” Herb A. Lanford Jr., CM, CPM

NRA life member and benefactor told Liberty First Foundation that it is a great honor to serve NRA members and requests the opportunity to continue his aggressive defense of the Second Amendment.

“Our constitutional rights, particularly the Second Amendment, and our NRA are under the most aggressive, orchestrated and well-funded attacks in my lifetime,” said Herb A. Lanford Jr., U.S. Army infantry veteran and candidate for reelection to National Rifle Association Board of Directors 2019. “It is essential that every one of us step forward and actively engage on the field to successfully defend our rights and those of future generations of America.”

Some believe that one more gun control law will prevent criminals from committing crimes, said the South Carolinian native. “Yet we already have over 20,000 gun control laws at the federal, state and local levels across the country.” He said many of these laws have been in effect for many years and still they have failed to protect us from violent, criminal behavior.

“I have a real problem with taking these warm and fuzzy short term approaches, to supposedly accomplishing something, as opposed to sitting down and determining what the real problems are and addressing them,” said the former five-term NRA State Association president. “The real problem and issues are not firearms, they’re not Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens, and they are not accessories.”

Lanford said bump stock bans, for example, are simply another way of opening up avenues for attacking the Second Amendment. “Bump stocks were properly classified during the Obama administration as not a firearm and not a conversion, but because of the use of the device during the Las Vegas attack, people suddenly began reacting to it not knowing what they are.”

The media, the newspapers and the pundits got the meaning of bump stocks all wrong, he said. “They thought they were actually going to accomplish something positive by attacking a device that the vast majority of people had no clue what it was.” Similarly, he said “Red Flag” laws that mislead the public pose a real threat to our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

“They are invitations to abuse and are not structured very tightly,” said Lanford, who chairs the NRA Clubs and Associations Committee and serves on the Audit and Membership Committees. “They deprive individuals due process.” Stringent due process ought to be applied while considering an order to confiscate guns, he continued.

“Their purpose is not really safety,” said the legislative and political activist.  “Their purpose is to provide another way to attack lawful firearm ownership.” He said Red Flag laws also provide an opportunity for persons to engage in criminal “swatting” which is the act of intentionally filing a false report to slander another individual.

“The problem with these laws is that when they are proposed they have a warm, feel good, make people think they are doing something positive, without thinking it through to determine the potential outcome and results,” said Lanford, who is a competitive shooter and hunter.

Lanford is the first recipient of the James Smith Award for service to the right to keep and bear arms for his leadership in the successful revision of South Carolina’s concealed carry law from “may” to “shall” issue. He was named South Carolina’s Leading Citizen in the Defense of Our Firearms Heritage and is the recipient of The Order of the Palmetto, South Carolina’s highest civilian honor.

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