October 19, 2021

“Someone needs to do something”…That someone is YOU

Once your guns are gone, it will be too late to fight back.

It’s 2 am and you and your family are home, peacefully sleeping, comfortable in the safety of your home.  Suddenly and without warning, you hear the unmistakable sound of shattered glass tumbling onto your floor. Now, you’re not afraid….far from it.  On your nightstand is your trusty Sig Sauer P229 Legion. You have thousands of rounds through that gun and countless hours at the range, being instructed by the very best.  Citations, accolades, and trophies adorn your shelf.  You are an expert marksman with the fundamental ability to defend your home and family from any attacker. With all the confidence a gun owner can have, you prepare yourself for the inevitable confrontation that is making its way up the stairs.

Then it happens.

The door…kicked off the hinges.  Standing there is an intruder, crowbar in hand and eyes full of rage.  As he rushes towards you, unaware of all your training and skills, he raises his arm, ready to strike.  You do the one thing that you have been training for all these many years….call 911 and nothing else.

That’s right.  You just lay there and await the cold steely impact that will render you lifeless and your family defenseless.  Now, you COULD have employed your training.  You COULD have put your skills to the prudent and judicious use…but you didn’t.  You just relied on the best intentions of the intruder, and the prayed for the police to arrive in time. Neither was a good bet…and now you’re no more.

I know what you’re thinking…

Nobody with the tools they need to defend themselves or their families is just going to sit idly by while they are so unceremoniously dispatched.  Nobody is just going to sit there and let someone go upside their head with a crowbar…not when they have the tool to their survival right at hand.   Sadly, you could not be more wrong. This is happening every single day….and all of us are letting it happen.

No, there are not roving bands of crowbar-wielding murderers taking out large swaths of the Second Amendment Community…but there might as well be.

The problem is that there are far, far too many people who consider themselves supporters of the Second Amendment that are too comfortable with the idea that someone else is going to fight for their rights instead of being on the front line fighting for it themselves.  There are too many people who are willing to just pay a yearly membership to some organization that may or may not even have their interests at the top of the agenda.

Instead of being the one that makes the phone calls, writes the letters, attends the rallies, they just sit back, comfortable with the idea of “That will never happen”.  People that say “someone needs to do something” while sitting and doing nothing themselves.  People that insist that “Group” needs to do more, or that “Group” abandoned us. Complaint after complaint….all while just shaking their heads at every anti-gun proposal, every piece of anti-gun legislation that is introduced by their own representative.

There are way too many people willing to let the intruder crack them in the head while hoping SOMEONE else shows up to do what THEY should have done in the first place…us the tools you have to put an end to it.

There are some that have been pouring everything they have into fighting the good fight.  They are investing their time, resources, money, and God-given talents into something more than posting memes.  They are meeting with legislators, organizing rallies, making calls, writing letters, and introducing more people to the Second Amendment.  These are the real warriors in the battle for the Right to Bear Arms.  These are the people who are not waiting for the glass to break…they are reinforcing the house before the enemy gets in.

There are many that are not waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting…they are carrying the entire load.  However, the road is long, and the tide ebbs and flows.  With every step we make forward, the rushing waves push us back. We continue to dredge through the onslaught of laws, regulations, proposals, all designed to disarm the populous…but we need more help.

Time has come. YOUR time has come. OUR time has come.  You can pick yourself up and get in the fight, or you can continue to let others carry you.

So what say you…are you in this fight, or are you just waiting for the crowbar to hit?

What we are hoping is that more of you, the Gun Owners of America, join us in this fight.  We have been tirelessly advocating for the Second Amendment and engaging with those that have the ability to make a real change. We have been organizing rallies, scheduling events, and doing everything within our power to protect and preserve our rights…Second Amendment and beyond.  We are doing all of the things that everyone wants to see done, but we cannot do this without help.  Please, at whatever level you can, get involved. This battle will not end any time soon, but without moving forward, the fight will only take longer to win.

The time has come for you to get involved.

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