October 19, 2021

Deejo Knives….Artistry in Blades.

When is a knife more than just a blade? According to Deejo knives, its when that knife is a work of art.

Arriving at Shot Show, it was quickly realized that much of The Liberty First Foundation plan would fall to the wayside.  Thousands of products and services, all calling us in like Sirens to a sailor.  Getting pulled in every direction by exhibitors eager to have their story told, and goods featured.  The realization of the limits of time would have to be reassessed much of what we wanted to see being relegated to “next time”.

However, there were some items that were so intriguing that they could not be passed by. Exhibits drawing crowds because of name recognition, or due the entertaining nature of those representing the product. Then there were those because of their undeniable uniqueness.

One such display was the Deejo Knife booth.

Try as we might, we were beckoned to this booth like a moth to a flame.  It was not because of their convenient proximity, but rather an intangible magnetism.  Throughout the entirety of the 3rd floor, we could hear people all saying “Deejo“.   Much like walking down a crowded street and seeing a group of people looking up, we had to stop and see what the buzz was all about. When we arrived at the booth, we were met by Jürgen Schneider, the International Sales Director for Deejo.

Jürgen’s sales pitch was as simple as could be…”Bonjour”.

Deejo is a French cutlery company that bill itself as a “Lifestyle Enhancer”.  Jürgen would explain that in Europe, (where the authorities have not outlawed them) a knife is more than just a utilitarian device, but an expression of a lifestyle, an extension of artistic expression. To Deejo, a knife says more about the person carrying it than it does the knife itself.

Sleek, razor-sharp, and comfortable in hand, their line of knives are personal expressions.  While they carry a full line of knives that are “off the shelf”, they specialize in knives that are tailored to the personality of the owner.

Between the choices of finish, laser etched blade, and handle material, Deejo can build you a knife in over 800 configurations. When you include the ability for the consumer to add a custom lettering to the frame, the design possibilities are endless.

Eager to get our hands on a Deejo knife, we placed an order.

Just 3 days after designing a custom-built knife, it arrived. What we ordered was the 37G Deejo Folder.  We ordered the knife in a Satin Black Finish with Olive Wood Handle, with an Eagle Laser engraved into the blade.  To make this knife more “Second Amendment” themed, we had them engrave “Shall Not Be Infringed” into the frame.

Eager to see if the quality of the knife delivered was comparable to those we saw at the show, we opened it up within minutes of arrival. We were not disappointed.

The knife comes in a form fitted box with magnetic closure.  A satin pouch, owners booklet and Deejo branded stickers were also included.  As for the knife itself, what we found was an exquisitely engraved, scalpel sharp, featherweight blade.


While opening and closing the knife with one hand is possible, this is intended to be a two-handed operation.  Why two hands?  Simple…this is meant to be a blade that you “Present”.  This is not just a blade, but it is a display that is meant to be seen.

It is clear that a knife like this is not for opening letters, or for sitting beneath a tree whittling…this is a presentation piece…a knife that is intended to make a statement by the owner.  It is meant to be showcased, seen, appreciated for the artistry.   While I know what purpose this blade will serve for me,  I can say that it will become a part of my everyday attire.  While admittedly more at home in the breast pocket of a tailored suit, it will be just as home in the watch pocket of my denim jeans.

There is an old saying that goes “I may not know art, but I know what I like”.

Is the Deejo knife art?  I cannot say….But I know what I like.


The Deejo knives are available in sizes ranging from 15G, 27G, and 37G(as pictured above).

The model we chose to have made, with custom engraving was $79.95 delivered.

Deejo not only manufactures the knife featured in this article, but an entire line of artistic cutlery products.

Visit them at www.Deejo.com

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