October 20, 2021

TacCat’s Picks: SHOT Show 2019

Unfortunately this year I didn’t get to go to SHOT Show 2019, but I did get to see most of the things that were announced… some at SHOT, some that weren’t announced at SHOT. In this article I will be doing a “highlight reel” of my favorites and the things that I’m excited about.

Unfortunately this year I didn’t get to go to SHOT Show 2019, but I did get to see most of the things that were announced… some at SHOT, some that weren’t announced at SHOT. In this article I will be doing a “highlight reel” of my favorites and the things that I’m excited about.

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      1. Steyr A2 series MSRP: $625

        Steyr unveiled their A2 series of pistols and boy am I excited for them. I have been a long time fan of the Steyr pistols, but I have yet to get my hands on one for the blog. The Steyr A2 updates include: Exchangeable back straps, a more aggressive grip texturing, a flared magwell, and from the looks of it an improved trigger.

        The A2 retains the modular chassis system that Steyr brought to the market (and that they’re suing Sig over) but they claim that the frames will be more readily available. We will have to wait to see if this is the case around April.

        What I got a kick out of was their advertisement. “There’s a new MF in town!” MF stands for modular frame, but in text speak it also means motherf*cker… it’s bold, and I like it. That said, I truly hope that Steyr starts to advertise more. As things stand now, holster availability is extremely limited… especially for the AIWB carriers.

      2. DSA Original Israeli FALs MSRP: $1,500

        DSA was able to track down a some Israeli FAL parts that only had storage marks on them per their interview with The Firearms Blog. These rifles do come with U.S. made receivers and barrels, but the rest is Israeli made from what I’m finding.

        These are definitely a blast from the past, but they are a limited run…but that’s the curse of building from surplus parts. That said, these rifles are, for all intents and purposes, a factory made rifle. With that you’re getting the support from DSA if you run into any issues.

      3. Steyr Monoblock Rifle MSRP: $5,300

        Yes, the second item is another Steyr product…but for good reasons. I’m not as big on rifles yet as I am with handguns, but I can certainly respect what they accomplished with the Monoblock Rifle. The Monoblock brings a precision bolt-action rifle that has the barrel AND the receiver as one piece. Yes you read that correctly.

        The barrel and receiver are both hammer forged from the same piece of steel. I may not know a whole helluva lot about long range shooting at the moment, but I imagine with the stability from this, that the rifle is going to be extremely accurate.

      4. NEMO Arms Monark MSRP: $1,250-$1,450

        The NEMO Arms Monark is finally coming to market and is up for pre-order right now. This is a product I would like to see more of and it seems Hudson Mfg sort of lit the fuse. NEMO is making a metal framed striker fired gun and Walther just announced that all steel Q5 Match a few weeks ago. I’m a fan of metal framed guns, so seeing more metal framed strikers coming to the market is sweet.

        All models of the Monark ship with optic cuts on the slide that utilize plates (plates come with higher end models, but not the base model). All barrels are stainless steel with a DLC finish on them. The pistol also comes with a nicely flared magwell.

      5. X-Products Ambidextrous Side Charging AR Upper MSRP: $199

        One of the main reasons I prefer shooting AK platforms over the standard AR-15 platforms is due to the charging handle. For me the ergonomics of the side charging handle on an AK are superior; again, that’s for me. The X-Products upper offers an ambidextrous non-reciprocating charging handle in a similar layout.

        On top of offering the ambi-charing handle the way it does, the upper allows shooters to set the rifle up for left or right handed shooting entirely. How? They make it easily convertible to have ejection come from either the left hand side, or the right hand side of the rifle.

      6. Definitive Arms DASA Chassis  MSRP: $1,499 (for base model rifle)

        The Definitive Arms DASA system is a new advancement on the Remington 700 rifle. The system utilizes AR-15 stocks/handguard/grips/magazines, as well as Remington 700 parts.

        For the Remington 700 fans, this is something that you will probably appreciate. Tim from the Military Arms Channel claims that it has smaller dimensions than any other adaptation of the Remington 700.

        I’m unsure what the MSRP is for the chassis by itself, but from the comments Tim made on his Instagram page $1,499 is the MSRP for the base level rifle with the chassis system. Available configurations will include pistols (with braces) and regular rifles.

        I think this system is going to be the next big advancement made to the “Scout Rifle” world. It has all the makings to fit that role… it’s lightweight, takes standard parts, and utilizes STANAG mags.

      7. Winchester Ranger One MSRP: ???

        Winchester unveiled a new defensive line of ammunition called Ranger One at SHOT this year and it is the first hollowpoint Winchester has offered with a partially filled cavity (similar to Hornady Critical Defense).

        The Ranger One is the same bonded bullet that we have seen before, but the new partially filled cavity is supposed to give it better/more reliable expansion even after encountering barriers such as thick clothing. The advertised velocity for the 147gr 9mm projectile is 1,100 FPS out of a 4 inch barrel; not too shabby.

        Unfortunately, this new defensive ammunition is only available to law enforcement (hence the blue insert). Honestly, I hate seeing ammunition companies only marketing certain products or deals towards law enforcement, but it is what it is. (The reason I say this, is because civilians encounter the same threats on a daily basis. Often times before officers due…as civilians are technically “first one scene”.)

      8. Seismic Ammunition Quakemake MSRP: ???

        This was something not a lot of people were anticipating at SHOT it seems. Seismic Ammunition (which appears to be a new manufacture) has created a 185gr 9mm load that is claimed to be traveling at 950/fps. The design utilizes a two-piece casing; an anodized aluminum base and a nickel alloy stainless steel body.

        I’m not sure how they will be getting a 185gr 9mm projectile to 950/fps, but it will definitely be a feat (maybe with the stronger casing they made the interior thinner to hold more of a charge?). When this comes to market, I will definitely be excited to see how it performs.


        Seismic claims that they will also be bringing to market a 325gr .45ACP loading and a 2oz shotgun slug.

      9. Radtec Smart Slide

        Radtec debuted what they call a Smart Slide for Glocks. A lot of people have mocked it, but I see some use for it. This new technology could be used by rental companies, police agencies, and more to keep better logbooks on round counts for PM’ing firearms.

        The system uses Radtec followers to communicate to the slide device how many rounds are in the magazine, or if there’s even a mag in the gun. It also uses the pressure on the extractor to tell the user if there’s a round in the chamber. Radtec also has a similar system that was designed for use with rifles.

        Personally, I have no use for this type of product, but it’s definitely something cool to look at; maybe it’s a sign of where firearm technology is going. I haven’t been able to find a listed MSRP on this product, but if their other products are any hint, expect this to come to market for around $400 for the slide itself.

Time for the honorable mentions. These are things that either debuted shortly before SHOT Show 2019 or items shown at SHOT show that didn’t quite make the list.

  1. Lionheart Regulus MSRP: $1,608

    The Lionheart Regulus is a new pistol on the market from Lionheart Industries. This is the only metal framed, hammer fired modular pistol that’s on the market right now. On top of this new offering, Lionheart unveiled their builder leading up to SHOT Show 2019. With this builder you’re basically able to build your handgun to order.

    TiN’d threaded or non-threaded barrel? Short slide on a full size frame? Full size slide on a compact frame? Done, done, and done. This is something that I’ve been waiting to see on the market since I got into firearms so you can see the finished product as you’re picking what you want.

    Like with the NEMO Monark, I’m excited to see what Lionheart is doing here. They’ve brought to market the first modular hammer fired pistol, the first builder of it’s kind, and it’s entirely American made.

  2. Brownells’ MPO (Match Precision Optic) MSRP: $999

    These new scopes are using Japanese glass and are first vocal plane optics. For the one model I looked for on their website, the price comes in at exactly 1 doll hair shy of $1,000. Since I’m not fully versed in all things optics, I’m just going to copy&paste the description from Brownells’ website

    “The Brownells 5-25x56mm Match Precision Optic Illuminated FFP N-OMR Rifle Scope gives you the critical functions found on a high-end target rifle scope – without the high-end price. We wanted to incorporate many recent innovations in optics, without cutting corners on fundamentals. The MPO has fully multi-coated, edge-blackened Japanese glass for superb image clarity, with click-adjustable turrets that have straightforward easy-to-read markings, easy set-to-zero, and .5 mils of travel below the zero stop, so you have plenty of adjust-ability.”

    Brownells’ also unveiled a new optic that mounts to the carry handle of their Retro Line.

  3. Mossberg MC1 MSRP: $425-$526

    In a world that is constantly fighting to make the smallest, lightest, and greatest 9mm pistol it’s hard to stand out.  A lot of people looked at the MC1 and just screeched “Shield Knock-Off!” without giving it much thought. Despite this, the Mossberg MC1 brings a lot of things to market that are absent on it’s higher priced competition.

    The pistol comes with a DLC’d barrel and slide. It has a flat faced trigger shoe, it uses Glock 43 magazines, and it uses Sig #8 sights. With all of this, the only thing missing for it to be a complete package is a good list of holster manufacturers.

  4. NeoMag RASC Price: $29.99

    The RASC is NeoMag’s most recent offering that dropped a couple weeks before SHOT Show 2019. The RASC is a clip “holster” for you revolver carriers who use speed strips. In my opinion, the RASC is the best thing to happen to the revolver community since Bianchi debuted Speed Strips

    If you’re a revolver carrier this is seriously something that you need to checkout to improve your concealed carry experience.

There were  a lot of other cool products that made their debut at SHOT that I undoubtedly haven’t seen yet, but these are the ones so far that got me excited both during and leading up to SHOT Show.

I will make a small mention of the Walther PPQ Q5 All Steel that Walther released as well as the Polymer 80 Kidon and their complete pistol builds that should be coming to market shortly.

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