October 20, 2021

Grand Power Handguns – the firearms you should know more about

I have been a Grand Power fan for years. It started five years ago at Shot Show 2015 when I was checking out the Eagle Imports showroom and ran across the full-size competition model called the Grand Power X-Calibur. I held that pistol in my hand and immediately fell in love with it. It has a five inch fluted bull barrel that rotates upon firing, a slim-profile slide with lightening cuts, fiber optic front sight and a trigger worth writing home about. The single action trigger pull on the X-Caliber measures at three pounds.

Not being able to get this pistol off my mind, I got home and immediately ordered one. I headed off to the range and my goodness was this pistol smooth and accurate. This was the point my obsession began with Grand Power. I began to look at the other models in their line up and learned there were more than I ever knew. I thought, why doesn’t more people know about this company?

Fast forward to Shot Show 2017 and Grand Power released their first striker-fired model call the Q100. This model offered many of the same features that the X-Calibur had except with a striker-fired action. Once again, I had to have one so I got home and ordered the Q100 and at the range, it was just as impressive. The trigger on the Q100 is smooth, light and measures at four pounds.

Check out this video I made titled, “The Gun World’s Most Unappreciated Handgun.”

Last summer, Grand Power released the Stribog SP9A1 sub-gun in 9mm that went head to head with the CZ Scorpion. The Grand Power Stribog, much like their handguns, shot incredibly well, accurate and smooth. I will let this video speak for me to give you a better idea of what I am talking about.

Fully realizing that Grand Power creates more firearms than I ever knew. I contacted Graham Baates of GB Guns to show off some of his Grand Power firearms on my channel. He brought out a bunch of models and gave a quick rundown of each. Baates has been a Grand Power fan for many years and his collection of Grand Power handguns makes any enthusiast jealous. In this video, he shares his models to give my viewers an idea of what they are missing. Check out Grand Power firearms and you can thank me later.



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