October 20, 2021

I Hate Communism, You Should Too

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Over my lineage, my family has continuously been screwed over by either Communists or Socialists, many of our lineages have been. This is an indisputable historical fact. Stalin was responsible for a high estimate of 60,000,000 deaths. Mao was responsible for an estimated 18-45 million deaths. Hitler was responsible for 60-85,000,000 deaths. In total using the high end of the estimates that’s a total of 190,000,000 people killed in the last century because of Communist or Socialist dictators.

For clarity, a Nazi was a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Yes, the Nazi’s were socialist. Anyone who wishes to disagree is woefully ignorant. Out of 190,000,000 people killed on multiple continents, chances are your family was affected in one way or another. I want to make something extremely clear, full blown communism or socialism will always end one way, a mass exodus or a genocide of the opposition.

When you dig into it the argument, the ethics for communism or socialism are fundamentally flawed. On top of that the speakers are ultimately the biggest hypocrites on either side of the argument. With that, lets dig into it. First, we’ll talk about theft.

It is morally wrong to take what one individual has worked for, splitting it forcibly, and giving it to another individual. Whether it is in the form of a tax or a man pointing a gun at your face; taking one person’s work and giving to another is morally corrupt. We learn this at a very, very young age. How you might ask? Plagiarism and piracy. Redistribution of wealth is no different.

With plagiarism we are taught that it is wrong to take the work of another individual and display it as our own. We are taught that downloading music, movies, or any digital material without paying is wrong. Why? Because the original creator is not getting to reap the benefits of their work.

In Communism, or even Socialism, you are taking the wealth that another person or their family has worked for (their essay, music, movie, or other) and giving it to a person who did absolutely nothing to deserve that wealth (plagiarism/piracy). At this point, a socialist, a communist, or someone who thinks they are sophisticated might be saying something like… “But we have a social contract!”

First, define a social contract. Second, who has a social contract? Third, who decided that everyone was bound to the same social contract? I have no obligation to another individual that I never agreed to be obliged to. On the same token, that individual has no obligation to me since they never agreed to be obliged. You see…being forcibly obliged to other individual(s) is called slavery. Slavery was outlawed in the United States almost 200 years ago.

“Well what about those who are terminally ill? Shouldn’t we help them?”

It sucks, don’t get me wrong…but I don’t know them. I don’t care about them. Just as they don’t know me, or care about me. It sounds bad, but that’s life. Do you cry every time someone’s dog gets killed by a car? I didn’t think so.

Now, let’s get to the supporters. These are the biggest hypocrites in society. Many of the speakers for communism and socialism are typically well off. High middle class, to high class. These individuals tell you to share, tell you to give, tell you to help your neighbor. They give compelling arguments, they produce “evidence” to fit their claims, right? And their argument always ends with “I’m fine with paying a little bit more so little Timmy can get the surgery he needs”.

Instead of telling people who have less to give more, why don’t they give all their excess away?
How many of these speakers and supporters have multiple houses? How many of them drive around in luxurious vehicles or eat at the most expensive restaurants? How many of them have paid bodyguards?

Whenever I argue with these individuals, I ask them one question.
“You have the money to donate now. Why don’t you give it directly to the person you want to help? It ensures that the money will get spent on them.”
This question always gets dismissed and they refuse to answer it… because they don’t want to share their money, they want you to share yours.

To change things up and to stop jabbing at the already rich commies and socialists… Artists, of any kind. Typically these individuals aren’t very well off. They certainly believe in that communist or socialist dream though! What they refuse to accept is that under socialism, under communism private property is basically nonexistent; unless you’re rich. Their music, paintings, inventions, and patents are no longer theirs. Their work, their products, their services are now community owned! There is no more plagiarism, there is no more copyrights, there isn’t anymore piracy. You can get the credit for it, sure. That’s it.

Let’s be honest, it’s the biggest power grab anyone has ever devised. On paper the systems are that of a Utopian society; meaning a perfect society. We do not live in a perfect society. There is also always someone that must make sure everything goes the way it’s supposed to. When these economic systems are allowed to bloom this is what happens… Those who have made their wealth already? They maintain it. They aren’t forced at gun point to redistribute what they made prior.

These people get to travel to their 11 houses, drive their brand new Escalades, and lounge around. You or the people that didn’t accumulate wealth before? You get told, essentially at gun point, that you have to pay more in taxes to fund stuff for other people. And every single time, you will make just a doll hair above getting the benefits you’re paying into.

When you’re unable to afford your property, your house, or your vehicle… do you know who isn’t going to help you out still? Do you know who will buy your property once it’s foreclosed on? That’s right. Mr. “Social Contract”.

Communism and Socialism target the less fortunate with the promise of everything. They are also always politically driven. The politics driving it are in the hopes of making the opposition disappear. History forgotten is history repeated. In the past we have seen socialists in control disarm their people. We have seen communists disarm their people. What has always followed were massacres or mass imprisonment on one scale or another.

The irony of all of this is… those who want to confiscate the firearms are the ones with the most violent of thoughts. If you have an opposing point of view, they wish death on you. If you do something they disagree with, they wish a brutal death to you (be it by their hand or another). I’m not saying that their opposition is without fault, but I see it coming predominantly from them.

As evidence, here’s a tweet from Rep. Eric Swalwell. This was in response to a person saying there would be a war if an all-out confiscation on semi-automatic rifles were to happen. The fact that a representative threatened a citizen because of his (Swalwell’s) unconstitutional idea should be appalling to everyone. It should be even more appalling that he threatened gun owners with nuclear weapons. Swalwell isn’t where it ends though.


We have more representatives, speakers, etc. threatening to strip the rights of those away who disagree with them. We have them threatening to take away the right of a fair and speedy trial. We have them threatening to take away due process. They are even threatening punishments purely based on an association you may or may not have.

This is what we are seeing in the United States unfortunately. The communists and the socialists (closeted or not) want to disarm the populace, claiming minority rights, child safety, and more. The people who buy into it are the ignorant. Owning firearms, or even just defending yourself is a right, that isn’t given, but exists. It is a right that has existed since the beginning of time.

I hate Communism. I hate Socialism. They are systems designed to prey upon the weak, the poor, and the minorities. They are systems designed to snuff out the opposition. They are systems designed for people in power to retain power. They are systems that put the needs of “leadership” ahead of all else.

These systems do not have freedom of speech, these systems do not allow the individual, the smallest minority, to defend themselves. These systems do not allow a person to pursue happiness, to pursue wealth. As a lover of freedom, a lover of private property… a lover of individuality I hate Communism. I hate Socialism. You work for what you have, that’s the system that needs to be brought back. That’s the system that needs to be retained.

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