October 19, 2021

Mid-Term Elections-We Didn’t Win, Now What?

So, we got knocked down.  We can choose to let it defeat us and give up or we can get up and act.  Complaining does nothing and only serves the oppositions interests.  Because if your complaining your not acting.  If you are not acting you are not gaining support for your cause.  So, let’s stop with the threats and pull ourselves up and start acting to change our results.

The Election of Donald Trump

With the Mid-term elections behind us it is now time to look towards the future.  I know many of us are upset and frustrated over the results of the mid-term elections and that is understandable.  There is one trend though that I am noticing in the Religion of Arms Facebook Group and several other right leaning groups.

This trend is one that needs to be addressed as it will only serve to discredit our cause.  The trend that I am talking about is one of threatening elected representatives.  When the left lost to President Donald Trump all over Facebook and other Social Media Platforms videos were posted of people screaming, crying, yelling obscenities, and have mental breakdowns.  These videos were put up to discredit the left and portray then as a bunch of spoiled brats throwing a fit because they didn’t get their way.

Some people where having pictures taken of them holding up a representation of Donald Trump’s severed head.  Others were calling for Trump’s assassination and others have called for violent action against the Trump Administration and conservative leaning elected representatives.  They have been demonized and called traitors.  Conservatives have called for their them to be arrested and charged with subversion.

Mid-Term Elections 2018

Que the Mid-Term Elections 2018.  Democrats win several key highly contested races and take back control of the House of Representatives.  Now we have the roles reversed and we see people on the conservative side calling for the hanging of various elected representatives that they do not agree with.  They are calling for other acts of violence against supporters of these elected representatives.

The same people that were crying out about the treatment that was being focused on Trump and his administration is the very action that they themselves are doing now.   As supporters of the Constitution and the Second Amendment we must hold ourselves to a higher standard.  The Constitution was written to help protect us against an out-of-control government but for it to work as it was written we must participate in the process.

 The Election Process

Voter turnout for the Mid-Term Election was at its highest in 50 years according to the United States Election Project.  With 49% of eligible voters voting.  The lowest voter turnout was in Hawaii with only 39.3% of eligible voters voting.  The State with the highest voter turnout was Minnesota with 64.3% voter turnout.  Over half of the States failed to reach 50% of eligible voters voting.

This data shows that less than half of the country was responsible for deciding the future of the country.  While we complain about the results, we must understand that the American Voice was heard.  By the silence of those that did not vote they chose to accept the results of the 49% of the country that did vote.

One key state that impacted gun-rights was the state of Washington with 53.6% voting.  The state of Washington had an initiative on the ballot I-1639 that would have a dramatic impact of gun-rights in that state.  This initiative was passed and gun-rights in that state were changed.  In Washington State 46.4% of voters chose not to participate and to accept the voice of 28.7% of eligible voters.  That means less than 30% of the voters decided to enact a law for 100% of the state.  As we can see from this example when voters fail to go to the polls, we have a very small part of the population deciding the fate of the rest of the population.

The election process is far more than just showing up at the polls on election day.  In order to truly be involved with who is elected we must first get involved in selecting the people that are on the ballots.  I know some of you are saying we are involved when we vote in the primaries.  No, you’re not.  You must get involved way before the primaries to really be involved in the election process.

Who selected the candidates that were on the ballots in the primaries?  Odds are it was some political party and you had very little to do with that person’s selection.  The political parties have agendas that they are supporting.  These agendas follow their beliefs and core ideology.  However, these parties rely upon donations from various sources.  Some of these donations are from special interest groups.  Some are from large corporations.  The fact is if you have enough money you can set the agenda for a political party.

Once the agenda is set by whoever it is the job of the party to sell that agenda to their base.  Many of the people voting were not voting based on their principles or beliefs they voted based on a core agenda sold to them by a political party controlled by entities outside of the party.

Where do we go from here?

Get involved

The first thing is we must get involved in the process of selecting the candidates prior to them being placed on the primary ballots.  In order to do this, we must find candidates that match our principles and values and we must help them to gain the support they need to run for office.  This means bypassing the 2-party political process and finding candidates outside of the 2-party system.

Yes, sometimes the candidate that is presented by a political party is the one that best aligns with our values and principles.  Then by all means support that candidate and work to get them the support they need to get on the ballot.  The real issue is are you settling for the candidate that the leaders of this or that political party are pushing on you?  If the answer is yes you are not involved enough in the election process.

What needs to be considered next is when to get involved.  Get involved immediately after the election.  You cannot wait until a couple of months before the election and expect your candidate to have a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected.  Volunteer at call centers and events helping your candidate to get recognized.  You do this so that you candidate can raise to money needed to get further recognition.  This is a continuous cycle right up to election day.

If you candidate does not win then you go back and find a new candidate and start the process over.  As supporters of the Constitution and the Second Amendment we should be looking for candidates that best support both of those.  If they are outside of what our values are in those areas then we need to find a different candidate.

Other actions to take are getting actively involved in organizations supporting the Constitution and the Second Amendment.  Organizations like the Liberty First Foundation, the National Rifle Association (NRA), Gun Owners of America (GoA), and the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF).  There are a lot more but the real results are being active in these organizations and volunteering your time and effort in support their causes.

Have conversations

The only way that you will have a chance of changing a person’s opinion is by having a conversation with them.  This dialogue opens doors to being able to inform them of the values and principles that you hold dear and why they matter.  If you don’t take the time to have these conversations, I guarantee someone else is, and that someone else could be the opposition.

You cannot expect others to have these conversations for you.  If you do then you are facilitating the opposition to you position.  Many of the people that are active in this organizations are already doing everything they can to reach people and to make a difference and they need your voice to help.  For every person that is out there having these conversations the effect is exponential because the person that you talk with will talk with others and soon you have an army out there spreading your message.

This only happens though if you are out there and you are actively taking action that supports your cause.  If you are not out there talking to people and building relationships you can guarantee that your opposition is.  We can no longer be complacent in our support of a cause that is so vitally important to this nation.  We must get out there and start having the conversations that should have been happening this election.

So, we got knocked down.  We can choose to let it defeat us and give up or we can get up and act.  Complaining does nothing and only serves the oppositions interests.  Because if your complaining your not acting.  If you are not acting you are not gaining support for your cause.  So, let’s stop with the threats and pull ourselves up and start acting to change our results.

Act today by liking the Liberty First Foundation on Facebook.  Join our Facebook Group the Religion of Arms.  Donate to our Ko-Fi account and start spreading the message and gaining support.  Volunteer to be a leader and help organize the support that is needed to ensure that the Second Amendment is protect toady and in the future.

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