October 27, 2021

The guns they don’t care about

Have you ever wondered what happens when your Pistol Permit expires? This was my experience with the New York City Pistol Licensing Division. They do not care about the guns…just the bureaucracy…and of course….The Money.

It should come as no surprise that one of the most difficult Concealed Carry Permits to obtain is the one issued for New York City.  New York operates within the confines of its own unique atmosphere of red-tape, bureaucracy, and sheer idiocy.  I know firsthand how insane the gun laws are both as a private citizen, and as an “armed professional”.

Conceal Carry Permit…No Equal Protections

Unlike New York State, which issues a “Concealed Carry Permit“, NYC issues a variety of permits. The most difficult of these permits to obtain is the Concealed Carry Permit. If you are an “ordinary citizen”, you can just about forget ever being issued one. This is the permit that is (unfairly)afforded to the most well-to-do, influential, famous, or public persons. This is also issued to those that are required to carry a firearm during the commission of their employment.  However, this permit does not allow the “armed professional” to carry unless he or she is actually working.  Once you punch-out, you’re no longer allowed to carry.

On the day I turned 21 years of age, I filed for my New York City “Target” Permit.  I thought that this would be the first, and best step to take in order to qualify for a concealed carry permit at a later date. Due to the nature of my employment, I would most certainly qualify for a concealed carry permit.  Due to being “on call” at all hours, I didn’t have much concern about when I could carry…I would be carrying all the time.

The next step.

Getting the CCP was not just a simple filling out of an application and waiting for a response.  It was far more involved than that.  First, I had to fill out the papers, get passport photos, and have fingerprints taken.  After that, I had to pay several hundred non-refundable dollars to the NYC Pistol Licensing Division.  To get a carry certification, I had to present a letter from my employer, as well as fully bonded insurance information.  I was then issued a temporary license, permitted to buy and register a firearm.

Once bought, but before being allowed to carry it, I had to have it registered and inspected.  Bringing my firearm to One Police Plaza in NYC was next on the agenda.  There the gun was dismantled, inspected, and then fired into a bullet capturing water tank.  The point of this procedure was so that 2 rounds could be collected, recorded, and associated with my firearm.

I won’t even begin to tell you the 2 hour ordeal JUST to get the gun into the building as they required.

FINALLY, after many months, and thousands of dollars spent, the permit was issued. A permit that was only valid for 2 years before being required to renew, and re-qualify.

Fast forward a few years.  My family and I decide to move out of NYC, leaving behind all of the trappings of city life. While I still maintained my residency in NYC, I prepared the new home for the big move.  Once the time came to move my residency, I still had 14 months of validity left on my permit. But by moving, I would invalidate my permit by default.  Without a valid Concealed Carry Permit, I was bound to have a serious problem.

With an expired, or invalid permit, and being in possession of several hand guns, there would be a problem.  If I was to keep my unregistered guns, I would be subjected to the full weight of the justice system. With that in mind, I decided that I would relinquish them to a friend that owned a local gun shop. There, he would hold them for safe-keeping, and keep them logged in his book. This would afford me the time to obtain my New York STATE CCL and no be violating the law.

It wasn’t too long after firearms were safeguarded that the NYC pistol Permit expired.  I thought it would only be a matter of time before the authorities came looking for the now unregistered handguns.  Surely, they would want to know where my guns were.  It is not as if my FFL notified them that they were in his safe.  The ONLY places that those serial numbers would appear were on my(now expired) permit, his log book, and Licensing Division.

The Days Passed.

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on Pexels.com

Weeks turned to months, and months turned into years. In that time, not one single letter, phone call, or visit from the local precinct was made to my former residence.  At no time did the people that made me jump through a thousand very expensive hoops, ever follow up. Nobody came by to say “Hey, where are those guns that you own…the guns that are no longer legal to own?”.  As far as NYC was, or should have been, concerned, there were now a number of firearms that THEY once recorded as being on a permit, that are now “in the wind”.

You would think that with all of the regulations I had to deal with, that SOMEONE would have asked at least one question regarding the whereabouts of my guns. As far as they knew, my permit expired and I could have sold all of my guns to some street corner thug. They could be out in the hands of gang-bangers, or others with criminal intentions, and nobody would be any wiser.

Failure after failure.

No effort was made on behalf of the issuing authorities to certify that any of my firearms were either sold, in safe-keeping, or otherwise legally disposed of . You would think that those in the gun-control lobby would be more prudent with ALL of the responsibilities that must be adhered to, but it seems as if the only people that have to abide by the rules are those who wish to exercise the rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution.

When it comes to responsibilities…we are held to the highest standard.  Them…not so much.

The way that I saw the city of NY treat my situation got me to thinking.  What about all of the other people that had some sort of permit…people that may have never renewed their permit. What happened to all of the guns owned by permit holders that died.  How many people that followed the law, only to have the law they followed not be enforced by those who wrote them.  How many thousands of now unregistered firearms could have fallen through the cracks because major cities do not bother worrying about what happens to them when the owner no longer files the paperwork they required?

In closing.

The next time we hear about all of the “illegal” guns that wind up on the streets or being used by criminals,  keep this in mind.  At some point, that firearm might have very well ended up where it should not have been, not due to the fault of the owner, but rather by those that made it so difficult for the owner to have it in the first place.

In the end, there is another factor that must be considered. Aside from the obvious attempts being made to regulate our freedoms away, there is also a financial aspect.  How many millions of dollars are collected every year in the name of “safety” only to know that the issuing authorities fail to follow their own rules…time and time again.  This is not only about curtailing the freedoms of the citizenry, it is about emptying their wallets as well.

Here are the CURRENT laws residents of NYC are supposed to adhere to… NY PERMITS

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