October 19, 2021

Night Sights vs WMLs; A Misconception

When I first made TacCat the one thing that irritated me the most was seeing people make the comment of: “I don’t need a weapon light, I have night sights.” This misconception…myth… whatever you want to call it is wrong on many accounts.

From a common sense perspective…this drove me up a wall to some extent. If you choose to carry a gun with a light mounted or not is entirely a personal decision. But to be telling people in an open forum where new carriers/shooters might be reading that night sights perform the same job as a flashlight is…well… misleading.

The video may seem to be a bit redundant but I still see the comments being made on a regular basis. In the video you will get a small explanation on the jobs of each tool, as well as a small demonstration. Let us know on Facebook if a night sights, a WML, or both are a requirement on your carry gun!

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