October 20, 2021

Glock 19x Initials Impressions

Alright…the big question you all might be asking… “TacCat, why the hell did you buy a Glock?” Well, glad you asked. When I first got into guns a couple of years ago, I really didn’t care for Glocks. I shot them and they did nothing for me. As some of the long term followers know I ended up with a CZ 75B as my first ever firearm. When the Glock 19x hit the market, I was one that bashed it indiscriminately. After my interview with Patriot Cop and seeing the Ballistic Mag article of the Gen 1 Glock 17 that was tortured for 18 years… my interests were peaked. I decided if I was going to really try a Glock out, I was going to get the one that I hated the most, for no other reason than it’s design.

Many-a-men, myself included, have mocked the Glock 19x because of it’s layout… a compact slide on a full-sized frame. However, when I began to think about it… I started to realize that it wasn’t the first time this layout had been tried. The first gun that came to mind was the FN FNS; which is a pistol with a 4” barrel (compact slide) and a 17rd magazine (full size frame). FN Herstal isn’t the first company to try this platform out. Back after World War II the military wanted a lightweight (no more than 25oz) pistol that didn’t exceed 7 inches in length for officers to carry…the result? The Colt Commander chambered in 9mm. The Colt Commander was the first mass produced alloy framed pistol and more importantly… the first pistol to have a full-sized frame topped with a compact slide. The 509 also shares the same platform, as it is more or less an updated FNS. The Glock 19x isn’t just this weird enigma that just popped up… but one that was sort of requested by the military nearly 70 years ago.

Reliability has been…well… what you would expect. It hasn’t choked on the handful of 124gr Federal HSTs,100 rounds of 124gr Winchester NATO, or 200 rounds of 115gr Federal Brass. I have had a new experience with the 19x though that I haven’t had with other firearms. When shooting the pistol I’ve noticed hot fouling flying back and landing on my arm and it actually burns a little bit. It might just be the ammunition being used, but I did notice it with both the 124gr Winchester NATO and 115gr Federal Brass. After a little bit of research, I did find that this is something that people experience on a regular basis, so just something to watch out for.

So far… I can’t say I’m disliking the Glock 19x. The balance of it is really nice and it does seem to have less muzzle rise and felt recoil compared to other full sized and compact polymer 9mms that I have gotten to shoot. I believe this is because you have less slide mass reciprocating and the recoil energy is being dispersed to a wider surface area due to the larger frame. I haven’t really had any issues adjusting to the “weird” grip angle that many complain about, if anything it’s nice how high of a purchase I can get, and to be honest I’ve handled worse feeling pistols.
I haven’t ordered a holster yet because I haven’t figured out how I want to carry this particular pistol. That said, I do see there being a very small advantage in terms of draw times and ease of draw due to the shorter slide. Overall, if you have yet to play with a 19x, you need to at least fondle one.

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