October 19, 2021

Raquel’s Picks



Darcy_RichardsonDarcy Richardson, the Florida Reform Party Candidate is my choice for Florida governor. Richardson, who effectively communicates his positions from the center – attracts the left, the right and the disgruntled. Floridians are dismayed by purple. Purple are the Republicans and Democrats in Tallahassee who might talk about their differences, but in the end, they speak for no one, and embrace each other to do what is best for them, not us. Darcy Richardson is the only third-party candidate in this election, offering an option that is not Red, Blue or Purple. Richardson is the candidate for the People not the political party.

Gov. Rick Scott, Republican for U.S. Senate. The popular governor has produced positive results during his term. His keen eye is on Florida at the national level which will benefit us all. Scott’s performance during hurricane season, year after year, has been impeccable while governor. The federal government under the control of Democrats is a difficult proposition for Americans to grasp. Their far-left positions and political monikers are not palatable to the American people. Rick Scott is the right choice for Florida and the country.

matt-caldwellRep. Matt Caldwell, Republican for Agriculture Commissioner is the clear-choice. The Florida house member was kind enough to be a guest on “In the Crosshairs with Raquel Okyay” a weekly web television show that focuses on Second Amendment rights. Caldwell, who is an avid sportsman, discussed his deep affection for American history and the Second Amendment. His vision for Florida is better infrastructure, implementing everglades restoration projects and preserving our natural resources. Without doubt, Matt Caldwell is the right statesman to do the right thing for the Sunshine State today and beyond.

Randall Townsend, write-in candidate for Attorney General. Randall “This Dad Wants Justice” Townsend is engaged in a pro-se litigation for three decades in the Florida court system. Determined to dismantle the corrupt judicial and Bar Association stronghold that denies Floridians due process rights, Townsend dedicates his life to hold officials and politicians accountable to their actions. The native Floridian does not see Red, Blue or Purple, he sees freedom for us all.

Honorable mentions: Cory Sommers, Pasco Mosquito Control Seat 2; Tara O’Connor for Pasco County School Board

New York:

In one of the most important races in the United States, I endorse Republican Vickie Paladino for New York Senate, District 11. This seat is important because the Republicans only have one seat majority in the State Senate and Vickie would help insure that – keeping New York from going the way of California and Venezuela. The Queens native is a wife, mother and non-politician business woman. Vickie Paladino provides a conservative voice to a state inundated with liberal philosophy. District 11 was held by a very popular Republican, the late Senator Frank Padavan, making this seat electable to a Republican. New York is controlled by a bastion of liberal Democrats who are blocking common sense conservative legislation because they can. Send Vickie Paladino to Albany where she will present principles dear to the American people and New Yorkers. There is no other choice in this election, but for Vickie Paladino.

Dan Debono for U.S. Congress District-3, a Republican candidate who advocates for job opportunities and economic growth for Long Island and the nation. Debono, who is a husband, father and Navy Seal leader, presents a unique background with the tools necessary to be an effective representative in Washington, D.C. He speaks eloquently on the issue of Second Amendment rights and he shoots down his Democrat opponent in this interview on “In the Crosshairs with Raquel Okyay”. The choice is obvious. Dan Debono for U.S. Congress.


Andrew_CuomoThe incumbent liberal Democrat, Andrew Cuomo, is a calamity for New York; economically and constitutionally. Occupying the governor’s mansion since 2011, he has expressed bigotry and hatred towards those who might disagree with his political philosophy. He was the ring leader in effectuating the unconstitutional, anti-Second Amendment law the New York SAFE Act. New Yorkers ought to have the same freedoms as any other state in the union, not government control and gun bans.

Marc_MolinaroLarry_Sharpe,_LibertarianRepublicans, who are mostly supporting Marc Molinaro of Dutchess County, is suitable enough in promoting Republican values, and if he won, it would be good for New York. However, the Libertarian candidate Larry Sharpe, who is a friend and colleague, smart, compassionate and effective in communicating clever ideas for New York, is formidable and refreshing. In this interview with Larry Sharpe, he said he would repeal the New York SAFE Act if elected. Torn between the Republican and Libertarian candidates, officially I am refraining from making an endorsement.

Honorable mentions: Write in candidate for governor, Francesca Amato-Banfield; Rep. Lee Zeldin for U.S. Congress

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