September 18, 2021

How to Buy a Gun Online

There are a lot of people that are hesitant about ordering a firearm online for no other reason than not knowing how to. With that being the case let’s go over how to do that real quick. Obviously every state will have slightly different regulations on how guns online are to be ordered, but for the most part the fundamentals don’t change.

Step 1: Find a local shop that will transfer a gun to you that you buy online, because you do have to fill out the typical 4473 (your background check) and the gun does have to be delivered to a licensed dealer.

Step 2: Find the gun you want to buy online and order said gun.

Step 3: Have you chosen gun shop fax/email a copy of their FFL to the retailer you’re ordering from online and have them include your name and order number.

Step 4: Wait for your gun to arrive and when it does do your NICS background check and leave with it (presuming you pass the check).

As I mentioned previously, some states may have slightly different requirements for ordering guns online and some states do perform their own statewide background check, but the fundamentals are the same. Now, when you go to pick-up your gun the shop will charge you a transfer fee for their time. I have found that typically a standard transfer (not including a state background check) should be around $20-$25 and that anything above is a little steep.

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