October 27, 2021

Handgun Training You’ve Never Seen Before

Unique Handgun Training

A couple years ago, I took part in a closed session handgun training course unlike any others I have experienced. There was a ballistic glass that reflected live people with a real defensive confrontation. It involved using a loaded handgun and firing live rounds at a real person. Two trainers were placed on both sides of me to prevent any unintended mistake. The idea of this handgun training was to learn how to best handle defensive tactics under increased stress with a live person.

How it Works

Here is how this training works. The situation is given beforehand. I was told that I was walking to my vehicle at night when a stranger engaged in a discussion. I was looking directly at this person in the ballistic glass as I engaged in discussion. This was a life-sized man who appeared in front of me approximately 15 yards away.  He asked me for a cigarette and then persisted that I give him some money. As I was speaking with this individual, he reached in his pocket, drew his gun and hit me with a few shots before I had a chance to respond. I quickly pulled my gun and responded with a double tap of my own. This guy quickly shot at me before I realized what happened.

What I did Wrong

Like most all defensive situations, the victim usually says, “it all happened so fast.” This was surely the case. Like all good defensive training, several lessons were learned that I will never forget.

First, I was speaking with my hands waving around. I learned when approached by a stranger demanding my possessions, it would be best to keep my shooting hand close to my gun. Secondly, I engaged in discussion with this person. There is nothing to be gained from a discussion with a person who is begging for money or anything else. It is always best to avoid any verbal encounter and move on with a keen eye  until you are safely away.

Most importantly, when the man reached into his pocket, I should have recognized that as a threat. I should have positioned myself with my hand near my gun while preparing myself to use it.

Lessons Learned

These lessons may be discussed in a typical firearm training class however, experiencing it first hand, with increased heart rate while looking at a live person, cannot be duplicated with paper targets. It taught me that I had some defensive faults that I never considered before. It also taught me to carefully study the body movements from a potential criminal.

This Video Show the Training in Acton

To further demonstrate this ballistic reflective training, check out the video below to see first hand how intense this handgun training is.

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