October 19, 2021

Last week the Liberty First Foundation was granted Media Credentials for the 2019 Shot Show.  We are extremely grateful to the National Shooting Sports Foundation for allowing us to not only be present at the event, but for the access that would have otherwise unavailable.

While we are at Shot Show, we will be conducting as many interviews as possible. The L1F will also be Live Streaming the event to each of our Social Media Platforms. We have also been laying the groundwork to have several persons of “Notability” appearing, both live and in recorded form.  Even though this event is a couple of months out, the preparations have been extensive, arduous, and expensive.

Several of our Sponsors will also be in attendance at the show, and we look forward to finally getting to meet with them over a non-electric form of communication. Along with our sponsors, there will be a seemingly limitless supply of offerings from every imaginable manufacturer. Our intention is to spend our 4 days in attendance exploring every single one.

Handguns, rifles, knives, optics, accessories and gear, there will be something that ignites that fire of desire in the heart of every gun aficionado.  The question that we ask all of the Liberty First Foundation audience is this:

What would YOU want to see if you were at the show?

Is there a particular manufacturer that you would like to learn more about, or a product you want to get a closer look at?  Is there anything on your wish list that you would like to see a video review of? Perhaps an article detailing the features from a fellow consumers point of view?  What would you want to do if YOU were in our shoes?

What about Second Amendment Personalities?  Is there someone who you would like to see us get an interview with?Maybe get their opinion or viewpoint on a particular topic? Maybe a trade secret from a champion competitive shooter?  This is your opportunity to have your questions and concerns addressed by the people who can address them, so let us know what you would like to learn.  We are going to the show to get an unfiltered view of the people and representatives that aim to get you to buy their products. We want YOU to be as much a part of the experience as possible.

Please contribute your feedback, opinions and ideas. To better serve the interests of the Second Amendment Community, we need you all to exercise your First Amendment and let your voice be heard.

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Here is an article about one of our Sponsors that will be at shot show this year. Tactical Measure

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