October 19, 2021
Liberty First Foundation Montana


So I’m from Montana, which doesn’t mean what you think it means. You probably think of the Marlboro man, cattle ranchers, six-shooters and wilderness. In reality we just watched  a city council take up the standard for anti-protection in our nation by declaring a ban on firearms in areas around the city. 

Im not really the guy to try and figure out why people make decisions based on emotion instead of logic. If I were a city leader I would look at the evidence surrounding both sides of a argument and find an outcome that looks best for the population based on that evidence. But that’s just me. 

It’s hard to combat emotion with logic. You can tell someone the truth a thousand times over, but if they don’t want to believe those facts, then they are powerless to that person’s opinion.  So what do you do?  How do you help change perception? The change has to come through relationship.  We have to find common ground, we have to find friendship, we need to be brand ambassadors.  Logic will win one set of arguments, but if people are only going to respond with emotion, you have to bridge that gap. 

What sets People from Montana apart aren’t their 10 gallon hats, their horses or flannel shirts, it’s the connection they share with each other. Perhaps if more people had attempted to connect with the Missoula city council members we wouldn’t be seeing a weed of oppression growing in our own back yard.

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