October 19, 2021

Budget-Priced “Hidden Gem” Handguns

Our passion for shooting, self defense, guns, gear and training can be extremely expensive. There is no doubt that a serious commitment is needed to pursue our advancement in proficient handgun carrying and training. Add to that, the gun itself, ammo, range fees and accessories, it is clear the costs add up fairly quickly.

This review focuses on budget-friendly “hidden gem” handguns. I consider a budget-friendly handgun’s price to be between $300 – $350. Sure there are handguns available for less money however the quality of the firearms featured in this review that are priced in the mid $300’s is amazing. I view handguns like these are “working man’s guns.”

A “hidden gem” is a not-so-popular handgun. It falls into the budget category without lacking reliability. These companies do not have fat marketing budgets like Glock, Ruger or Smith and Wesson. A “hidden gem” handgun is not likely to be showcased on the cover Guns and Ammo magazine or even featured by a youtube megastar although they are worthy of such honor.

I came up with seven budget-priced “hidden gem” handguns that I feel are excellent. Out of the seven featured, I personally own six of them and consider them some of the finest handguns in my collection. These “hidden gems” have the reliability, accuracy and features that Americans enjoy at a much lower price.

After I posted the video below, several viewers offered their opinions of handguns that should be included on my list. I encourage viewer feedback and enjoy reading the comments and learning from the viewer’s experiences. Many of the suggestions offered were from manufacturers like Beretta and Taurus. Although they were worthy consideration, I did not feel they are “hidden gems.”

Check out the video below and let us know if you agree with my choices. Also, share with us what “hidden gem” handguns you feel are worthy and should have been included on the list.

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