October 19, 2021

Custom “Pimped Out” Desert Eagle

There is nothing quite like the power of a full-size Desert Eagle in .50 AE (Action Express). There is just something about the feeling of sending a 300 grain bullet down range as the forceful recoil hits ya that screams out American Freedom. The accuracy the six inch barrel delivers is incredible along with the potent ring of steel that makes the Desert Eagle handgun a true one-of-a-kind iconic masterpiece.

There are many different types of Desert Eagle handguns. Magnum Research has a lightweight model with an aluminum frame and a five inch barrel called the L5 and a larger lightweight model call the L6 with a six inch barrel. They offer several different cerakote colors and designs. I own a stainless steel model with an integral muzzle brake to reduce the muzzle flip and the felt recoil. The Bottom line is, Magnum Research has a lot of Desert Eagle models to choose from.

Magnum Research also has a site that allows the user to create their own custom Desert Eagle. Everything from the frame, slide, barrel, grips, sights and hardware can be arranged, in any combination, to build a custom Desert Eagle. Magnum Research offers a variety of cerakote colors and designs along with numerous finishes (stainless, titanium gold, black, brushed chrome) to create any “mix and match” design. As far as I am aware, this is the first time that a firearm creation like this has been available. Check out the MR site here https://www.customdeserteagle.com/

I recently took advantage of this “Build a Desert Eagle” site to create the most stunning Desert Eagle .50AE I could imagine. I used a titanium gold frame and barrel with a black slide and black rubber hogue grips. I chose to upgrade the sights to a Williams adjustable rear sight and a hi-viz fiber optic front. After checking with the guys at the Magnum Research Custom Shop, they assured me this was the only Desert Eagle designed in this formation.

In the video below, I showcase two full-size Desert Eagles. The first has a stunning case color hardened frame, slide and barrel with walnut grips and a gold trigger. The second is my created Desert Eagle that I described in this review. Both of these beautiful handguns chambered in .50 Action Express.

Check out the video below and let us know which of the models featured is your favorite along with your experiences with Desert Eagle handguns.


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