October 19, 2021

Taurus Spectrum VS Remington RM380

The Taurus Spectrum and the Remington RM380 are two micro-size .380 ACP handguns that work well for deep concealment pocket carry. They are both budget friendly pistols (around $250) that offer very different features. The Taurus Spectrum is a polymer frame striker-fired pistol with a rubber coating around the grip that Taurus calls a “soft feel” grip. By contrast, the Remington RM380 has an aluminum that is hammer-fired with glass-filled nylon grips. Both are lightweight with short barrels.

The Taurus Spectrum is available in a variety of color combinations which makes it unique to each shooter. It offers a six and seven round magazine and has integrated sights making it completely snag-free. The Spectrum weighs only 13.75 ounces fully loaded with six rounds. It has a “gritty double action trigger that offers re-strike capability. I found the Taurus Spectrum to be an accurate shooter even with the all black low profile integrated sights.

Due to having a reputation of light primer strikes, I used three different brands of .380 ACP ammunition to measure reliability. At the range, Blazer brass and Federal targets loads performed well but when firing Max Tech .380 ACP, the Taurus Spectrum experienced light primer strikes on four separate occasions. The Spectrum is a decent little gun but it is ammo sensitive and the user should understand what ammunition works best with their pistol.

The Remington RM380 is also available with different frame colors however I found it to be more of a workhorse. It is built stronger, feels solid and uses a long double action trigger that is much smoother than the Spectrum. Having fired both handguns side-by-side, the Remington RM380 fed, fired and ejected every round without issue. Being a micro-size .380 ACP handgun, it was also fairly accurate as I gained confidence with each magazine I fired. 

Remington purchased the blueprints from the gun maker Rohrbaugh Company and modeled the RM380 after the Rohrbaugh R9. They made internal and a few external design adjustments that enabled Remington to mass produce the RM380 which afforded them to sell the RM380 for a much lower cost. The Remington RM380 ships with two six round magazines (one with an extended base-plate) and weighs just 15.75 ounces fully loaded with six rounds. After shooting the Remington RM380 nest to the Taurus Spectrum, I was confident that the RM380 was a superior handgun.

For more information, check out the video below and let us know your thoughts or experiences on your favorite micro-size .380 ACP handgun.



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