October 19, 2021

Power of Positivity


In today’s political climate staying positive on the 2A battlefield is easier said than done.  With another setback being pushed on our brothers and sisters in California, a major bill in Washington that would create unparalleled oppression for those residents and with the current battle for a Supreme Court nominee waging in D.C., it seems like there is a lot to be gloomy about.  For most people, conflict isn’t found on a field of battle (thankfully), mostly we find ourselves on a digital battlefield where casualties are feelings or ideals (and maybe a few keyboards), but this particular war is going well, I want you to remember that.  

In Ohio gun owners went toe-to-toe with Antifa on the Kent State campus.  In my county a group of people tried to get a private shooting range shut down using lies and slander, it didn’t work.  All over America good people who simply want to protect their family made progress that will help generations to come.  Just because you don’t hear about the positives of the Second Amendment in the media, doesn’t mean that they’re not there.  Just because you don’t hear from people supporting your right to keep and bear, doesn’t mean we aren’t talking.  Fear and isolation are the enemies tools, they will try and break you down and make you think you’re alone, you are not! Find like-minded people, find grassroots outlets that share the truth of what is happening, and you will find that you’re not alone, and you don’t need to be discouraged.  

The most pro Second Amendment thing I could think of to do this week was to enjoy myself and the fact that even though it isn’t free, I still live in a free country where I can fight and win battles against those that want to take those freedoms away.  So call your friends behind enemy lines and let them know you care, call your state reps and let them know you’re proud that they’re fighting for the second amendment, and also hug your loved ones, because they’re what this really is all about.  

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