October 19, 2021

5 “Must Have” Handguns

The handgun choices that we enjoy in today’s market is as American a homemade apple pie and baseball. Handguns are available in a variety sizes, actions, calibers, makes and models. As for available choices, this is a great time to be a gun-loving American.

What if I told you to choose your best five “must have” handguns? It’s actually a thought provoking question. Would you consider a handgun for competition, home defense, range accuracy, collection, everyday carry or truck gun? The fact is, what’s considered “must have” to one person may be completely different with another. I pondered this question and came up with my favorite “must have” handguns and of course, showed them off on video.   

My first choice was the historical and beautiful 1911 handgun. I feel that a quality 1911, with that incredible single-action trigger pull, is a “must have” in any gun enthusiast’s collection. Second on my list was revolvers. There are so many various types of revolvers to feature however I chose my Magnum Research Big Frame Revolver chambered in the massive 45/70 Government round, my Kimber K6s for a quality .357 Magnum carry option and the jewel of them all, the beautiful stainless steel Colt Python.

Most of us have a certain gun that we consider our favorite range handgun. I call my range guns “confidence builders.” I shared three handguns on video but the Grand Power X-Calibur is the daddy of them all. There is something about the mechanics of that pistol that is incredible. Add to the list a CZ SP-01 Phantom and a Steyr M9-A1, for well rounded balance of excellent range handguns.  

The next “must have” handgun is what I consider our best friend, our everyday carry gun. Our carry gun is a life-saving extension of our body that goes with us to all places giving us confidence to perform exactly as intended and save lives. My primary carry gun is a Kahr P9. The Kahr P9 and the Kahr PM9 offer the perfect balance of size, weight and confidence for me.  

My last choice for “must have” handguns are small or deep-concealed handguns. I will let the video explain my choices however I find it valuable to have a handgun that will drop in the pocket for the days when your clothes don’t allow for a holstered handgun.

What are your five “must have” handguns? Do you agree with my choices or do you feel I missed a category or two that should have been included? Please comment below and let’s get the conversation started.    


3 thoughts on “5 “Must Have” Handguns

  1. Kahr CW380 and Kahr CM9. My choice for EDC. Reliable, accurite, and quality all in a very compact piece.

  2. My top five:
    KAHR BFR 44MAG 5”
    KEL-TEC PMR-30
    FNS-9 COMPACT(Primary Carry)

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