October 19, 2021

One of the best ways that we can defend the Second Amendment is to change the perception that people have about firearms and their owners. We can do this through education and teaching people the truth about firearms and the proper use and handling of firearms.

Part of the Liberty First Foundation’s mission is to change the perceptions that people have about firearms through education. To this means we are looking to our members to help us with that. What we are requesting from you are videos or articles about the maintenance of various firearms. These videos can be the teardown and reassembly of a particular firearm or the proper way to clear a firearm after a fail to fire, or any of the many other topics that pertain to the maintenance and care of firearms.

We will expand these educational videos to other topics in the future so that they can be used to educate people about the truth of firearms and their proper handling. Because there’s such a wide variety of firearms available today and the number and variety of firearms will only increase in the future we need our members to help us by submitting these videos.

The team at the Liberty First Foundation will take these videos organize them according to topic, make, and model and post them on our website. When submitting a video for inclusion please add a brief bio telling about who you are and pictures that pertain to the topic that you are discussing and the firearm that you are talking about.

Some people are not as passionate about firearms as others but they are supportive of the Second Amendment and want to be able to have some means of protection for themselves and their family. As such they will look for inexpensive firearms even if they are not the best or most reliable. Additionally, choice of firearm is a very personal decision and what one person sees as the best another will see as inferior.

Regardless of the firearm or a person’s choice and reason for selecting that firearm we need to educate people about them. This education about the proper care and handling of that firearm is critical in our fight to defend the Second Amendment. Comments about these videos need to be limited to constructive criticism of the content and not the firearm. We have to promote responsible gun ownership regardless of the make or model of the firearm.

Our team is working to produce review articles and videos about the various models that are available on the market. We will expand these reviews as they are completed and will allow our members to offer reviews of various firearms and other items in the future but for now we are asking that submissions be limited maintenance videos as to not overwhelm the people that will be processing these for addition to the website.

All videos should be submitted to content@l1f.us we will them review these videos and add them to our website. We will review these videos to insure accuracy of content. We are looking for all manufacturers and models because if it is available then someone owns that weapon and whether they think that weapon is the best one available or it is all that they can afford it needs to be covered.

All videos and articles submitted and included on the website become the property of the Liberty First Foundation and we reserve all rights. The original author of the content will have a full use license to the content and will be free to distribute this content provided that they link to the article or video through the Liberty First Foundation website.

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