October 19, 2021

I recently had an opportunity to have a discussion with Zach Terwee, one of the owning partners for Ironclad Defense.  Zach has sponsored the Liberty First Foundation and the Religion of Arms Facebook group.  Though this sponsorship he has provided a few items that we have been able to giveaway to our members.

Zach is very supportive of the Second Amendment and we look forward to working with him and Ironclad Defense as we both grow together.  Zach invites people to connect with him through the Ironclad Defense Facebook page and the Ironclad Defense Nation Facebook group.

Zach has requested that we provide his cell phone number for members taht wish to reach out to him with questions or requests that Ironclad Defense maybe able to provide.  Zach’s cell phone is (660)441-7465.  You can find some items that he has special pricing for Religion of Arms members that can be found on our Specials page.

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