September 18, 2021

The Best .380 Handguns for Pocket Carry

For concealed carrying a handgun, there is nothing more simple than dropping a gun in the pocket. It’s definitely not the most “tactical” way to carry a handgun but many people wouldn’t have it any other way. The simplicity of pocket carry allows people to carry everyday without the burden of varying handguns due to one’s attire.

The most popular choice for pocket carry is the micro .380 ACP handgun. They are small, lightweight (under 18 ounces) and most offer proven reliability. In most cases, these little .380 ACP handguns mimic the manufacturers larger models therefore the function, trigger pull and shooting impressions feel comfortable and natural to the shooter.

I came up with what I feel are the best (and most popular) .380 handguns for pocket carry. These five handguns have a very good reputation for accuracy and reliability. Each company is reputable with a large following of people who trust their lives with these fine .380 ACP handguns.

Also, people who carry a backup pistol often choose a micro .380 ACP. There is comfort with a primary carry on the hip and another little pistol in the pocket. In my travels, I have met hundreds people who find that dropping a tiny pistol in the pocket (with a pocket holster) as a backup gun is as normal as carrying their cell phone or wallet. I do this often as well. Whether it is for primary carry or as a back gun, the micro .380 ACP handgun surely has its place in the concealed carry world.

The video review features five popular handguns but I need to add another micro .380 ACP to the list. The Remington RM380, which I acquired after the video was produced, is a very nice lightweight handgun that was built from the blueprints from the well-known Rohrbaugh 9mm. It is a double action, hammer fired pistol with an aluminum frame. I ran a variety of .380 ACP rounds through that little gun and it has proven to be extremely reliable.

Check out the video below and let us know if you agree with the .380 ACP handguns featured and share with us your experiences with those or any other micro-pistol that you feel would make a great pocket carry handgun.

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  1. Great reveiw as always … I know you are a Kahr fan .. How does this RM380 stack up VS the Kahr 380 ?

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