October 19, 2021

Which side of liberty are you on?

The definition of liberty differs from dictionary to dictionary, but the main principle on both is the same. The ability to live a free life, free of oppressive restrictions or rules; from anyone. This means from a form of authority, or from an individual. Where exactly do you fall on the liberty tree? Are you like the “First American” and believe, “A person who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety,” or do you think it has restrictions…? Let’s find out where you place.

In the firearms community we have a split voice on what liberty is and what freedom is. We have those that think they know what liberty, what freedom is… and we have those that do. The reality of the situation is, is that at the end of the day we all, no matter what our beliefs are, want to go on living a life with little to no government intervention. I honestly believe that even those that hate firearms want that exact same thing… but they are willing to sacrifice essential liberty for temporary safety due to their own irrational fears. In some ways, a lot of gun owners are no more different than the anti-gunners that they hate. I have to follow-up this statement with a few questions…

Are you okay with gay marriage?

Are you okay with marijuana being legalized?

Do you think a person should be able to purchase a machine gun without all the licenses and fees?

Do you believe that a person should be able to build on their own property without the government’s approval?

Do you think that a business owner should pay both business and individual income taxes on themselves? (For those that don’t know, if you own a sole-proprietorship you have to essentially pay double the income tax.)

A lot of people think that they are devote lovers of freedom…but at the end of the day they want marriage, which is largely a legal money grab from the government, to be dictated by the government; something that does not affect their own freedom or liberty… but it does the freedom and liberty of others.

They believe that marijuana should remain banned, all while they’re drinking their drink of choice that was only taken off the prohibited list by the government about 85 years ago. In reality marijuana has no more risks involved in terms of public safety than that of alcohol. At the end of the day… if I wanted to light a joint up, how does it affect another’s liberty, or their freedom?

I could dive into the other sub-topics that I asked questions about, but I do think you get the gist of what I’m getting at. Liberty is liberty is liberty. You cannot be for your own liberty but not for the liberty of your fellow countryman. With liberty though, you do have rules. The rules are very simple: 1.Those not of the age of adulthood cannot be obligated to any form of relationship or contract due to their level of competence. 2. You cannot deprive the liberty of another person. Now ask yourself… do your answers to any of the questions above deprive another person of their liberty?

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