October 19, 2021

My how we have grown

Will you join the fight to save our rights from being infringed upon? In a very short period of time our group has grown to a group that can start to make a difference. The change that we seek will only happen with your help.

The Liberty First Foundation has made some incredible progress considering just a few short months ago we were only just beginning to discuss how we would be able to make an impact in defending the Second Amendment.  The Facebook group Religion of Arms was in its infancy and we were starting our path towards incredible growth.

When I joined the Religion of Arms, it was just under 1000 people and at that time, I knew that we had some incredible people that believed in the Second Amendment and wanted to make a difference.  We were determined to change how people’s perceptions about firearms and the Second Amendment.

Today, we are well over 24,000 people and growing, and our beliefs are stronger and our organization is starting to solidify.  The Liberty First Foundation has recently opened up its State organizations so that we can start taking an active role in the defense of the Second Amendment.  Already some of these organizations are taking action to insure that our rights are protected today and well into the future.

L1FRoAME(Small)The Liberty First Foundation Maine Chapter participated in a counter protest in Kittery, Maine at the Kittery Trading Post.  Some anti-gun organizations and politicians decided that The Kittery Trading Post should not be encouraging people to exercise their rights protected under the Second Amendment.  The protest was an attempt to bully the Kittery Trading Post into not selling semi-automatic rifles.  The Liberty First Foundation Maine Chapter responded to this egregious attempt to restrict our rights.

FB_IMG_1535906114042In concert with the Gun Owners of Maine and some other pro-second amendment organizations, the Liberty First Foundation Maine rallied against these people in a show of support for the Kittery Trading Post.  The response from the public was very encouraging.

The Liberty First Foundation Washington has been very active working to stop another threat to the Second Amendment.  With I-1639 being allowed on the ballot this November the Liberty First Foundation has turned up the heat to urge people to vote against I-1639 and save the rights of the people in the State of Washington.L1FRoAWA(small)

These members have started a flyer and poster campaign to get the word out and are engaging people informing them of this attempt to restrict their rights.  In the short time they have been at it the membership has grown to over 500 people and continues to work to defend this attack on our rights.I-1639(2)

The fight has begun the only question that remains is will you get involved or will you remain on the sidelines complaining as your rights are slowly taken from you?  Many people are working behind the scenes to organize and setup strategic partnerships in order to grow this organization and strengthen our voice.  As we continue to grow, we need your help.  We need you to add your voice to ours, join your State organizations, and get active in your communities.

With each state having unique challenges and differing threats to our rights and the Second Amendment the State leaders will address the best way to address the unique challenges.  Only when we take a stand will we be able to defend our inalienable right to self-protection and insure these rights are not oppressed for future generations.

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