October 19, 2021

Use of Deadly Force Chapter 4

You are the weapon; the gun is your tool

Unfortunately, we live in a violent society and if you carry a gun for personal defense, you must be fully prepared for an armed confrontation. Like any good warrior, you must prepare yourself mentally and physically for battle. To start your training, you must ask yourself a question. This question should not be taken lightly and it needs substantial soul searching.  Are you prepared to kill another human in self-defense?

This is really not an easy question to answer. Most of us have been hardwired to be kind and gentle. That is a healthy thing in day-to-day society. Sadly, not everybody follows these rules.

It has been often documented on many accounts that during the heat of battle soldiers simply shot over the heads or at the feet of their enemies. These actions were thought to be deeply rooted beliefs that they did not want to harm or possibly inflict mortal wounds on another human.

For those of you who could not possibly use deadly force on another human being there are many other options for self defense other than a firearm, which will be covered in an upcoming chapters.

If you answered honestly that you could in fact use deadly force in a self defense situation, the next step is acquiring a defensive firearm. I use the words defensive firearm because it should never be used in an offensive scenario. Become accustomed to referring to your firearm as a defensive firearm. In the aftermath of an actual shooting the witnesses, law enforcement, prosecutors, and news media will quote your words. A jury could ultimately hear you describe the events.

Telling someone “I feared for my life, I drew my defensive firearm, shot, and stopped the threat” sounds much more like you were the victim than saying “I feared for my life, I drew my weapon, shot, and stopped the threat.” Although, it may seem like splitting hairs, you need as much going for you at trial as you can.

Don’t merely ask a stranger what gun you should purchase. Go to a reputable gun shop that has a range and firearms you can rent. Try shooting as many firearms as you can and judge for yourself which is best. If you are not comfortable carrying your defensive firearm, you probably won’t. Once you decided on and purchased the best firearm for your needs, your training should now begin.

The main thing to remember when you start your “weapons training”, YOU are the weapon; the GUN is only the tool you use.

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