October 19, 2021

My Advice to the Gun Store Worker

When I enter a gun store, it’s typically because I have a firearm or some gear that I am interested in. I plan to spend some dough but the euphoria of getting that certain product in my hands will be well worth it. The excitement of purchasing a new firearm is something most gun enthusiasts understand very well. They read reviews, watch videos, speak with friends and made up their minds that they can no longer live without that particular gun or gear.

When entering the gun shop, we expect the guy behind the counter to be as excited to show off the gun we want as much as we are to purchase it. We want the guy or gal to be helpful, informative and assuring that the particular gun we are checking out is a perfect fit. The last thing we expect is a low-information cranky clerk who couldn’t care less about our potential purchase. Or worse yet, try to steer us away from the gun we want (and studied) to another gun that he feels we should have. It is, by the way, our hard-earned money we are looking to spend, right?

Hey look, I understand that working in a gun store can sometimes be a drag. There are customers who enter the store just to pick your brain, handle several guns, bicker about price and then walk out of the store to shop online. Yes, there are customers who want to argue about guns and show off all the information they have learned from some “two-bit” you-tuber. That would get old and I get it. But what about my purchase? What about the inexperienced first-time gun owner who is relying on you to help them choose the perfect gun to fit their needs?

In the video below, I clearly explain, “My Advice to the Gun Store Worker.” I speak about their importance and the responsibility to help bring people into the 2A community instead of turning them away. Gun store workers play a vital role that should not be taken lightly. Check out the video and let us know about your thoughts and experiences (good and bad) that you had at your local gun store.

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